5.16 looks like literally one the dumbest patches in the history of the game (item change analysis).

If you haven't heard already, here is a preview of patch 5.16: [http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/yMtrbjGs-core-defense-items-pass-516](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/yMtrbjGs-core-defense-items-pass-516) This post literally gave me EbolAIDS. The amount of bad ideas in this post blows my fucking mind. Let's break down the changes, shall we? This will be a long post so I will have a TL;DR in every section. ------------------------------------------------------- {{item:1033}} , {{item:1057}} , {{item:3211}} , {{item:3065}} , and {{item:3102}} are all being buffed by either 5 MR and 50% HP regen, and/or lowering the price of the item. This means MR is better, right? Wrong. The problem with MR itemization is not the gold efficiency of the stats, but the uselessness of its passives. 150% HP regen does nothing in the MIDDLE of a fight (unless you are {{champion:36}} who is one of the shittiest tanks in the game now). The 5 extra MR isn't going to save you from sustained-magic damage champions (who are considered strongest now in the meta) like {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:112}} . In the same way 100 armor by itself isn't enough to deal with champions like {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} , neither will 60 MR really do much against many mages. If you want to improve MR itemization, you need to give more options and actually have the MR items feel UNIQUE with good passives or active abilities. An good example of an MR item with a good passive/active that actually feels effective is {{item:3180}} . BRING BACK FORCE OF NATURE! As a tank, your two major MR items to choose from are essentially {{item:3102}} and {{item:3065}} . They both give the same MR, roughly the same HP and HP regen. Your question becomes "do I want a 45-second cooldown spell shield or 10% CDR with 20% increased healing?" These "unique" passives feel like such a subpar choice since most of the time, there is only one correct answer and you don't feel the difference as you would if you had a choice between {{item:3075}} and say, {{item:3143}}. How would these MR items actually help me not be melted by sustained magic damage? It protects me against burst, great. That's about all it does. It's so underwhelming that even squishy champions like ADCs and some mages build {{item:3102}} not because of its tank stats but more because of the lifeline effect that the spell shield provides. Tanks are okay with getting hit by burst. Burst is fine. Sustained damage is the problem and MR items just don't give enough to help you survive. In other words, think about the times you've played against a 4-AD comp vs a 4-AP comp. A 4-AD comp can more easily be punished with tanky builds such as {{item:3047}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}}. Having a build like this gives you some feeling of "I'm unstoppable" and exploits the fact that the enemy comp is unbalanced. How do you punish a 4-AP comp? Say you build {{item:3102}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3111}} . Do you ever feel "unstoppable" or strategically overpowering in this case? As a tank player, not really. As a quick aside: I play vs 5-AP comps in ARAM all the time where you technically have more MR options but they feel even less useful. In Summoner's Rift, the enemy team might have 4 APs but they'll always have an ADC, so not only will you not feel that "unstoppable" against magic damage but then you've invested so much into MR (a CLEARLY inferior stat to armor) that the enemy ADC just shreds you. **TL;DR: MR items are still shitty, but 50g cheaper. Biggest non-solution to the enduring problem that is MR itemization. ** ---------------------------------------- Which brings me to my next point about the MR item changes which is the biggest problem with them: > {{item:3105}} Aegis of the Legion >Cost: 1900 --> 1600 >Recipe Change: Null Magic Mantle + Crystalline Bracer >HP Regen: Gains 100% Base HP Regen. >Aura MR: Magic Resistance Aura changed from 20 --> 15. >Aura Regen: No longer grants HP Regen as an Aura. {{item:3105}} used to give 20 MR aura and 75% HP regen aura. That means that previously, a champion that had {{item:3065}} with a {{item:3105}} on their team had 55 + 20 = 75 MR and 100% + 75% = 175% HP regen. With this patch 5.16, these two items will now give 60 + 15 = 75 MR and 150% HP Regen. So basically you have the same MR and less HP regen than before, which is an overal net nerf. Oh, but you can get MORE HP regen if you (the solo laner) buys it now. >{{item:3190}} Locket of the Iron Solari >Total Cost: 2800 --> 2750 >Shielding Active: Shield power increased by 50%. ( 50 - 230 --> 75 - 345 ) >Shielding Duration: Shield Duration goes from 5 --> 2 Shield power increases by 50% and shield duration decreases by 60%. Net nerf. This is supposed to be better against burst, but the problem is that burst typically applies to one target at a time and yet the {{item:3190}} shields EVERYONE on your team (nearby). This is now more of a greedy shield because it'll now be used when a single target is in danger from (typically single-target) burst rather than your entire team is taking AOE damage. Doesn't {{item:3401}} active already do this, but better? The whole point of {{item:3190}} is that it's supposed to be a pro-team item rather than a "I'm just going to boost myself" item. {{item:3190}} is an item best built be supports and junglers because it's a relatively selfless item to build and is relatively cheap. A few solo-lane tanks might build it in place of {{item:3065}} depending on the enemy team comp. I play diamond ELO SoloQ (D5 and D4 but still) and ALL THE TIME I have games where there's 3-4 AP team comps on the enemy side and I don't see a single {{item:3190}} on my team. Players ALREADY don't build this item very much. Nerfing its stats (yes, it's a net nerf) makes it even less likely that anyone on your team will buy it. **TL;DR: Even less players will build {{item:3190}} now. Tank supports get shafted yet again. ** --------------------------------------- Let's get to the core of the problems with this patch: armor item changes. >{{item:3110}} Frozen Heart >Total Cost: 2450 --> 2600 >Armor: 100 --> 90 Rito must really not understand their own game. Not only are they making this item more expensive (a direct nerf), but they are also making the stats WORSE. This is part of the reason why ADCs became so unbearable last season (conveniently around the time Worlds was going to happen). You buffed ADCs while simultaneously nerfing armor. This is a bad thing to do. I personally wouldn't mind it if ONLY the cost increased. Why remove stats? Why? Does Rito not remember a season or two ago there was a time when NOBODY built {{item:3110}}. It was considered a niche item because it only gave 90 armor and was extremely expensive. This was also back when {{item:3110}} gave a 20% attack speed slow. There were times when this item jumped around between 90 armor, 95 armor, 99 armor, and now finally 100 armor. Now it's back to 90 armor. Why? The whole point of making it 100 armor is so that it would normalize with other items in its category like {{item:3075}}. I thought Riot liked to normalize items of the same class/type to having similar base stats as each other so that you build them based on their unique passives and such. That's why we had a major patch that made AP item standard 80/100 AP at a nicely round cost (2500g, 3000g). Last year we had ADC item changes that normalized major AD items to 80AD and BF at 50. This change to {{item:3110}} completely goes against this philosophy by now saying "if you want the most armor you have to buy {{item:3075}} that is your only option now." Why remove this normalization? A major reason a lot of tanks build {{item:3110}} in place of (or earlier than) {{item:3075}} is because many of them kind of need the mana to cast their abilities. Now you are punishing tanks who use mana by saying "you get 10 armor less than {{item:3075}} now for literally no fucking reason." Also keep in mind that {{item:3110}} is one of the biggest counters to {{item:3153}} and {{item:3710}}, items that was RECENTLY BUFFED. Why would you do this? Seriously, someone at Riot please explain why this can possibly be a good idea. This item is also popular on supports because of its pro-team utility stats. Recall that supports are one of the poorest champions in the game. They now have to spend even MORE GOLD on a pro-team item and get less survivability stats from it. **TL;DR: {{item:3110}} nerfed possibly back to the old days of never seeing play anymore (its stats are strictly worse than they were back when nobody ever bought it). Supports get shafted yet again. ** ----------------------------- >{{item:3075}} Thornmail >Total Cost: 2100 --> 2300 >Passive Changed: Instead of reflecting 30% of pre-mitigation damage, it instead reflects 15% of pre-mitigation damage and 25% of your bonus Armor. This is possibly the worst change of the whole patch. Once again, Rito is simultaneously nerfing an item while making it more expensive. There are two major uses for this item: 1) You buy this early top lane against a ranged AA champion (like {{champion:114}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:126}} and sometimes {{champion:150}} ) so you don't get poked out of lane / kited to death 2) You buy this in mid/late game against ADCs ({{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:67}} etc) so you don't get shredded to death without doing SOME damage to them Let's quickly look at both of these scenarios and do a bit of math. **Scenario 1**: Old thornmail damage did 30% of AA damage, before MR calculation. Let's compare the new item with the old item. At what point are they equal? Let's say that with runes+masteries and {{item:3075}} you have 120 bonus armor, early game. If we take 25% of this, we get 30. Now we see at what point does AA\*.3 = AA\*.15 + 30? Solving for AA, we get AA = 200. As long as the enemy you are laning against does under 200 damage in a single auto (before armor calculation), the new {{item:3075}} will be better. At about the time you can even finish {{item:3075}} as a first item (which will be later because it is now 200g more expensive), your enemy AA laner will have about 150 or so AD. That means in a normal AA, assuming your opponent doesn't crit ({{champion:23}}), doesn't use any AD steroids ({{champion:67}} {{champion:133}}), or doesn't increase their on-hit damage with some popular ranged top-laning AD item ({{item:3078}} {{item:3153}}), the new {{item:3075}} passive should be better than the old one. However, if your opponent does ANY of these fairly common things, the new {{item:3075}} will be strictly and objectively shittier. A few notes about scenario (1): rushing {{item:3075}} first item is already dangerous and ill-advised, and highly situational as it is only really viable against specific ranged laners that aren't very good in the meta to begin with. Even against {{champion:150}} (who has a super annoying spammy kit that includes magic damage for some reason), building {{item:3075}} that early is super sub-optimal. **Scenario 2**: The most common scenario is building this mid/late game against an ADC. We use the same equation, but now we assume that your bonus armor at this point is about 200 (for the sake of argument). If we take 25% of 200, we get 50. That means we now have AA\*.3 = AA\*.15 + 50. Solving, we get AA = 333.33. that means as long as the auto-attack does 333 damage (before armor calculation) or less, the new {{item:3075}} will be better. The only champions that this will actually be helpful against is {{champion:429}} and maybe {{champion:236}} . Both of these champions already have a hard time killing tanks due to their kits and the nature of their build. This new {{item:3075}} is most punishing against ADC champions that EITHER don't crit OR don't have AD steroids. Even against Blue {{champion:81}} you will get basic attacks / Q's on you with on-hit proc damage surpassing 350 so the new {{item:3075}} will be worse for this. >Note: Thornmail was another major outlier in terms of power effectiveness - but - **it is only strong in the presence of high health pools**. Because Thornmail is such an effective standalone Armor item and **additional Armor doesn't really make Thornmail much stronger** -** Thornmail is strongest when you can stack Health** (as is the case for most pure resistance items.) This is literally a contradiction. First you say {{item:3075}} is ONLY strong with high HP pools but then you say it's a powerful standalone item. Which is it? The current {{item:3075}} gives 0 HP so by your own logic it's weak unless you already built other items that give substantial amounts of HP. But if you've already build other items that give HP, then it's no longer "standing alone" now, is it? How can you possibly argue that additional armor items don't make {{item:3075}} stronger? The whole point of {{item:3075}} is "can I do more damage to you than you do to me?" Here's how it currently works: Basic attack physical damage hits the target with {{item:3075}} -> {{item:3075}} reflects 30% magic damage (before armor calculation) -> target receives physical damage reduced by the **TOTAL ABOUT OF ARMOR THEY HAVE** -> attacker receives magic damage reduced by the **TOTAL AMOUNT OF MR THEY HAVE** You obviously need to build more armor so that {{item:3075}} is more effective. Saying that additional armor doesn't affect the power of {{item:3075}} is like saying that the power of an ADC attacking {{item:3075}} is only affected by their on-hit basic attack damage and not MR? So, do ADCs build less damage because they are against a {{item:3075}} ? Do tanks with {{item:3075}} only build HP items now? This makes no sense. I can literally feel my T-cell count shrinking after reading this paragraph. The new {{item:3075}} will be strictly and objectively worse than the current {{item:3075}}. This isn't even an argument / contest. Making {{item:3075}} scale on bonus armor is bad because most of the time, bonus armor only goes as high as 200 (maybe 300 tops) whereas on-hit damage (due to the nature of critical hits) can go as high as 800+. This isn't a question of "trade-offs" or making the item "more situational" or "shifting the power around." This is a matter of "we don't want this item to be as good anymore or built as often." **TL;DR: {{item:3075}} getting gutted. Not a single redeeming thing about this change. Rito hates tanks. ** --------------------------------- >{{item:3143}} Randuin's Omen >Total Cost: 2850 --> 2700 >Health: 500 --> 400 >Armor: 70 --> 60 >Cold Steel Passive: Unchanged >Crit Damage Reduction: Now reduces critical strike damage taken by 10%. >Slow Active: Duration no longer scales off Armor and Magic Resistance, instead it will always slow for a flat four seconds. The 20% less HP is a HUGE change. This is less survivability against true damage and magic damage. The 10 less armor and 100 less HP less survivability against physical damage (including champions that crit). The 10 less armor and 100 less HP on in exchange for 10% crit reduction is not worth it. Only one champion on the enemy team crits and when they do, it's 55% of the time (tops). So on average it's a 55%*10% = 5.5% average damage reduction against crit champions. However, 10 less armor and 100 less HP is 8-10% less damage reduction on average against ALL SOURCES OF PHYSICAL DAMAGE. **TL;DR: New {{item:3143}} is strictly worse than the current one even with the proposed gimmicky passive which will not make up for the lost stats.** ------------------------------ >{{item:3800}} Righteous Glory >Total Cost: 2500 --> 2400 >Catalyst Passive: Loses Catalyst Passive on Upgrade. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RITO PLEASE STOP NERFING THIS ITEM. This is Rito's not-so-subtle way of telling us that this item is meant only for supports. {{item:3800}} in the current patch is ALREADY STRICTLY WORSE than it was when the item was first launched in pre-season, when nobody bought it. Nerfing it even more makes it so that laners (and I would say even junglers) don't want this item anymore. The {{item:3010}} is so good for laning and jungling because it provides the sustain for you to now have to recall as often and do more with your time. This basically means if you want {{item:3800}}, you get it super late in the game and just sit on a 1200g {{item:3010}} in the meantime. >Notes: Catalyst has two clear upgrades - a rush item (Rod of ze Ages) or Righteous Glory (Team Fight). No. Now {{item:3010}} has one clear upgrade. {{item:3027}} for laners, {{item:3800}} for supports, and nothing for junglers because it's not worth the item slot anymore. >One of the reasons we've tuned down RG over time is that whenever its strong enough to be rushed as first item, we tend to dislike how early skirmishes get decided. Why? How do skirmishes get decided? What don't you like about it? {{item:3800}} was the perfect play-making item. It gave melee champions the ability to initiate and engage on kitey poke champions. It made it so that team work and coordination was highly rewarded. It made it so that a team that otherwise lacked pick potential now have an item they can fall upon and rely on. It made it so non-mobile or immobile champions who aren't keeping up with the League of Mobility had a fucking tool to deal with those pesky slippery champions. It make it so that stagnant poke comps and boring drawn-out games would have some action and plays. Isn't Rito all about the LC$BIGPLAY$?? >Trying some minor experimental stuff to discourage RG as first-pick up by giving it a clear tradeoff from its counterpart - while also making it slightly easier to build later in the game. It's not a trade-off if it's strictly worse. Fuck that. I don't understand what Rito has against this item. For once in the longest time they release an item that is unique and game-changing but also conducive to teamwork and group play and all they've done to it is nerf it into the ground. **TL;DR: Rito may as well delete {{item:3800}} because it's being nerfed into absolute garbage. They may as well rename it from "Righteous Glory" to "Mediocre Kudos." Supports shafted YET AGAIN! ** ------------------------------------ >Cinderhulk >Base Health: 300 --> 400 >Health Multiplier: 25% --> 15% Remember the days when tank junglers were absolutely irrelevant and just never played? Apparently Rito doesn't remember, because this is exactly where these item changes are headed. This might be the final nail in the coffin for tank junglers. The tank meta ended a few patches ago. The dominant junglers now are {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:76}} and {{champion:421}}. What do they all have in common? They aren't Cinderhulk junglers. The exception to this is {{champion:421}} , who can remain relevant because she will just switch back to building {{item:3707}}. {{champion:102}} doesn't even build it anymore. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if {{champion:20}} junglers switched to building {{item:3710}} or {{item:3708}} after this change. What's the fucking point of this? Champions like {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} and {{champion:32}} are no longer perma pick/ban every game anymore. The current Cinderhulk allows them to stay somewhat relevant. This change would make it so that {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} will slip completely back into unviability and {{champion:32}} too (in Solo Queue, anyway). I understand that the original Cinderhulk (when it was released) needed nerfs and it was getting out of hand when some players were taking it into top lane. At least in top lane, some weaker champions like {{champion:36}} {{champion:14}} and {{champion:102}} could use it to become a threat. Honestly, it's already in a good enough spot that's it's not dominating the meta anymore. **TL;DR: Rito hates tank junglers and want them out of the meta completely. Cinderhulk has been nerfed enough--this is overkill.** ----------------------- Rito, please re-evaluate these changes. You're making a mistake in every sense of the word. Every time you choose to simultaneously nerf one group of champions along with their items along with the costs of those items, while ALSO buffing other champions and builds they play against, you see major and drastic changes in the meta that are typically greater than you imagined and will lead to even more changes/tweaks in future patches after a particular group of champions gets out of hand. Remember {{champion:18}} at Worlds last year? She was basically the "pick ban or lose" champion of Worlds last year who got completely out of hand (thanks to a lot of similar pre-Worlds changes you've made) that led to an overall worse quality of game and necessary remedial changes AFTER Worlds to fix your own follies. You're perpetuating a never-ending cycle of buff->nerf->buff->nerf->... that isn't really going anywhere. Please reconsider these proposed changes. The reason I bring this up here is because it feels like the PBE has consistently failed to filter out bad ideas that make it to Live patch after patch. Upvote this if you agree/dislike these changes. EDIT: Actually the {{item:3143}} change was a typo, it now gives 400 HP (down from 500HP). What a disaster! This makes it even worse! I thought the changes were a net positive but now it's definitely a net negative.

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