[opinion] Why restrict SOLO Q to diamond+? Lower elo players want Solo q too!

Edit: Ayyyyy we did it good job everyone http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/9pyxo3V9-instead-of-hearing-we-were-right-id-prefer-to-hear-we-wont-be-disregarded-next-time?comment=001d00000000 Like I get their reasoning. Solo q is the best way to determine skill accurately. And they want diamonds+ to have solo q for more competitive matches. But i'm sure ALL PLAYERS in ALL ELOS would appreciate more competitive games. If solo q is really that important for competitive integrity, why not give it to us plebs too? I would LOVE solo Q even if I'm not Diamond. This is a great incentive to get to Diamond next year actually. I can finally play SOLO Q again? Hell fkn yeah I'm gonna spamm rank and hopefully one day I can enjoy SOLO Q again. You know the SOLO Q thats existed since the start of League, and considered the Lifeblood of the game? Sigh very dissapointed that Solo Q is not comming back this year either. I think thats really messed up man.... This reminds me of when runescape removed trading/PVP to combat bots or something. Please dont ruin core aspects of your game which the players love (ie SOLO Q).... not all change is good Riot. What do you guys think about Riot's ranked post? Do you think lower elos deserve solo q? Or should we just stick with DQ and only reward the top % of the playerbase with fair matches. Please post your thoughts below.
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