The art of shaco.

This game offers many opportunities to outplay opponents with mechanics, gameknowledge, and counterplay.However, to be a great shaco player you need to be able to rely on psychology, deception, and prediction. From throwing down boxes at your feet to block those predictable pesky Lee Sin Q's ,to sending the real shaco walking forward and keeping the clone back and psyching out opponents; shaco is by far the greatest champion for mind games. When I first started playing league I was stuck playing against high silver/low gold mainly because of my map awareness and positioning. My friend suggested I play because jungle would increase my map awareness and shaco can basically never be out of position because all 4 skills help with escapes. I instantly fell in love and ended up peaking at platinum 1 within a couple months. As of now I would say I have somewhere around 1.6k games with him (I know, it's sad lol.) So I thought I'd give out all my shaco tricks and tips to do some crazy plays with him. -with the fear changes made awhile ago, shaco boxes are less efficient to stack because you can't set them all off at once now. However, if you do not move your mouse in between the box cooldowns it will place it in the same spot and cause them to proc all at the same time. -shaco can move through certain walls with his ultimate. To do this you must turn a certain way while standing near a wall and simply press R. It takes some practice to get it down, but well worth it once you know how. -shacos clone will return to shaco if he goes to far away from him. This can be used to your advantage by ganking a lane with cloak and having the clone return to shaco while still cloaked. Enemies that see this will think it's the real shaco ending his cloak and pounce on him, causing less damage to the real one and having the clone blow up in their face. This is especially good vs champs with high burst and high cooldowns. -shaco relies heavily on his q to get in and get out. Since he's very mana hungry you need to make sure you have it stuck in your head that you need to stay above 90 mana to cloak away. Forgetting to do so will often be the number 1 cause of death. - when activating shacos R, shaco is removed from the map for .25 seconds. During that small time frame it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to take damage. This is most effective vs skills like cait ult, fizz ult, and my personal favorite, karthus ult. however, it is extremely hard to time. I still sometimes mistime it myself. -this ones not really a tip but a way to tilt your opponents of you are winning. If you let clone dance in place for 4 seconds, he will continue to dance while you move him around. So it's a Shaco doing the worm running around the enemy. -shaco can smite without leaving cloak. - to maximize confusion determining which is the real shaco. You need to click r as much as you right click. Otherwise they can tell off your movement which ones the real one. - getting early Mobil boots is always a good choice because with the more speed you have, the more distance you can cover with your cloak. -this one applies to the one above as well. When shaco cloaks he leaves a cloud of orange smoke behind that is visible in the fog of war to enemies. So Mobil boots allow you to be further away and blind enemies from the smoke. Side note on this, the Japanese shaco skin leaves behind a bright white flash and not orange smoke. I can definitely tell an increase of people seeing it and fleeing when I use this skin. -when in a situation where you need to ult while still fighting, hold back on your spells and keep the enemy guessing on who's the real Shaco. -have blue buff? Throw down some boxes for teammates that don't ward -never cloak in the direction that you are moving, most of the time players will chase the direction you were headed when you cloak. -
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