Riot wanted malzahar off support lane and into mid lane. Well, nerfing him did the opposite.

I loved malzahar in fact I thought he sucked when i played him even before his void lings were nerfed to uselessness. But now this happens He got nerfed to be terrible. I'm not going to say this though without giving a reason why I think he is weak. Currently the reasons you nerfed malzahar are the reasons I thought he sucked. In one nerf you said his ult was to consistent. I thought it was to inconsistent because his ult is the only way to get kills at all stages of the game. In a previous one you even said ;Malzahar should have to press more buttons to kill people. I thought that he could not press ENOUGH buttons to kill people. I do not understand what is going on and why broken champions who are S tier are getting buffed while champions that are still weak and always were weak are getting nerfed. You even said you wanted Malzahar to return to mid lane. Well, after his ult scaling went from 115% ap to 80% ap, you did the opposite. Now he has to rely on an adc to finish off a suppressed target because malzahar is not powerful enough to kill on his own where literally ever other assassin mage can. If you want to return malzahar to mid lane figure out a way so malzahar can deal most of the damage to his enemies and still keep his ultimate from being a free point and click kill if you catch and enemy out of position. I recommend doing this now. Undo all of his nerfs but do this. Add a passive to his normal passive that says when ever malzahar damages an enemy with an ability they take 80% less damage from non malzahar sources. This means that Malzahar can deal his old damage without being over powered. I am just tossing this Idea out there to you for any rioters who want to Actually make malzahar a mid laner and make supports do a lot less damage to his targets if malzahar goes support lane. Thank you
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