8.4 is an incredible patch, tbh. Can we get more patches like these?

This is Riot Balance Team doing the shit I know they're capable of doing. Addressing player frustrations and attempting to shift the game back into a more enjoyable state. Please guys, do more patches of THIS quality. -AP Itemization Overhaul -Top Lane was addressed -Bruisers are / will be addressed soon (PBE) -Rengar revert -Trist nerf to hold us over until 8.5 nerfs (PBE) -Twitch's typical execute nerfed (E) -Voli changes to hold over until a rework -Zoe nerfs (heavy) -Removed Extra Minion Damage (slightly slower/longer early laning) -Hitting tank supports lightly (hard engage/tanks is strong atm) -Solid Rune changes -Blast Cone tweak to help Top Lane and Laners in general -Duskblade passive damage reduced **Jungle still needs to be addressed, but I'm very very happy with what I'm seeing in this patch. Overall, it's the first patch in a long time that I felt adequately expressed the Balance Team's ability to tweak the game to be enjoyable for everyone.**
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