No wonder Aatrox is suicidal

Give him back hes 2 charge E he is weak cant punish cant lane feel like i am in a perma slow when i know i cant dash twice. You already nerfed his dmg when season 9 started but still that wasnt enough just because LCS players are good at Aatrox after the E nerf dosent mean that all the other main or even players who started playing him can do the same.Aatrox is in a bad state FOR THE COMMUNITY. Give him he 2 Charge E back and just nerf something else. Edit:And for those that are gonna say ''i had a horible time against 2 charge E aatrox" here is your answer RIVEN yeap thats a thing Riven the champion with 4 gap closers with a cooldown of 4-5 seconds each in midgame.What is that i hear she has a perfect itemization and if you know how to play her you can win ANYONE oh..ohh yea.
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