My Toughts on the shaco rework (as a shaco OTP)

TL:DR Ap and Hyprid shaco are strong as hell and shacos abilities feel to have some stuff that feel off and not like the old shaco they were trying to aim for. I am a long time shaco player (since pre season 5) with 1.5mil points across all my accounts and I have a few problems with the new changes. Lets start with his W. Yes it allows you to go jungle item first without losing out on damage BUT it really isn't too good for builds (such as mine) that go more Bruisery AD build. Clearing wolves become harder because the small ones get agro from box and now im missing out on dmg to the big one. that makes the over all clear a little slower and maybe take more damage since the small ones require 2 auto attacks to kill after box and if you don't kill them they will be chiping away on your health bar because the big wolf still is more than half health. Now to why the E feels off. I don't feel like i can use it before the enemy is in execute range 30%hp because the damage is so much smaller if they are over. so that means that someone might use an escape after i go in with q, i have no way to catch up if i don't want to use E for slow but if i do then when i catch up i will get max 2 aa off before im too far back to do anything since i no longer have my Passive slow and i will have to back off. His Clone explosion doesn't benefit ad or bruiser much all. yes u get max 2 aa off when they are feared BUT think about ap or hyprid shaco. the 3 boxes will do a shit ton of Dmg to them + they can be attacking the feared target too. it no longer takes skill to make the enemy get feared in a fight to get the edge. he has lost some usefulness on his w as a fight tool. Lastly His rune options. i used to go all kinds of weird ass runes because that seemed fun. but now you have to do damage to be able to get the max out of your E so that means you have to go something like hail of blades or electro. Electro combo seems weird as hell now because if you do the old combo (AA, tiamat, E) you don't get the maximum dmg out of your combo because you have to use ur E to proc electro before the enemy can use an escape to get away. this used to be a very good combo because if you knew ur limits you would know if that combo would kill / dmg enough that you could chase him But now the Combos dmg is harder to predict since heals, shields will completely throw you off on you e dmg since it might not get the 50% extra dmg because u tought it would. that means that hail of blades seems like the only way to go for ad bruiser and yes. it is not a problem but i do not like that you have to abuse a bug to do the most damage on him. if hail of blades get the first attack off and you ult the clone will have permanent hail of blades which is just not fair. Riot please don't nerf ad shaco because ap/hyprid shaco is too strong. My ideas on how to nerf Ap shaco jungle without hitting ad/bruiser is that you reduce the amount of targets ur box can hit at the same time to 3 instead of infinite. that will also increase the time it will take to get lvl 3 so you no longer could be level 3 gank bot when the bot is still level one.

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