What his going on with matchmaking?

So I just lost a game in ranked soloqueue. This was a game for my promos to plat. I waited 10 minutes in queue which isn't unusual as I'm putting mid as my primary role. What really suprised me tough is that the teams weren't balanced. I'll just write down the teams and their elo My team: top: {{champion:41}} silver IV jungle: {{champion:32}} silver I mid: {{champion:55}} gold I adc:{{champion:67}} gold V supp: {{champion:40}} gold III ennemy team top: {{champion:92}} plat IV jg: {{champion:68}} gold II mid: {{champion:45}} gold III adc: {{champion:222}} plat V (diamond last season) supp: {{champion:412}} gold I so why was there such a big difference in rankings? Is that a thing now or was I just unlucky? I have no idea why a silver IV and a plat IV are in the same ranked game but whatever I guess. Their worst player was higher ranked than 3-4/5 players in my team. Isn't that a bit unfair?
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