As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.

So I've been playing on a Silver account recently since I got my main account to Diamond for the season and I'm really shocked at how difficult Silver elo is. The games are really inconsistent as far as team work and people knowing what to do. Some players feel like they know exactly what to do and lane / last hit really well and I'm surprised they're in silver, and then there's others that I'm shocked have even made it this far. People feed out of control here. In Diamond if someone loses lane they die at most 2 times, and that's still a lot. In Silver, people don't seem to understand that if they died fighting once, it only gets harder to win and keep trying, and its not uncommon to see 7-9 deaths coming out of laning phase. Having players on the enemy team fed that much makes carrying hard, even if I win my lane every time or have a ton of successful ganks jungling. There also seems to be a disproportionate amount of AFKs here. It feels like the best way to win here is to just stomp your lane and split push. Team fighting is a crap shoot, people are uncoordinated, don't follow up, and engaging is a huge risk because you may engage and only have 1-2 people follow up, or attack the wrong targets. If I don't HARD carry, IE 10+ kills before 20 minutes, and things go to the late game team fighting phase, I get a little nervous because its kind of a dice roll on how the fights will go. Its different in Diamond because you can make smart plays and expect people to be on board but here you really can't trust your team to follow up on things, so doing things like going full tank seems like a bad idea because a lot of the time you gotta do all the work yourself. Its a completely different meta than higher up. I was a little embarassed about the struggle here so I mentioned it in a group and a bunch of other Diamond / Master level players were having the same issues. I felt a little relieved to find that out but at the same time, it makes me wonder about skill in this game when players that have consistently proven themselves to be able to play at a high level struggle at this low of an elo. So for all the players grinding out of Silver that are frustrated with the climb. Don't feel bad. It really does suck down here. Take it from a Diamond.
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