+20 Q damage +200 range ulti +buffed MR

Oh what could go wrong? {{champion:157}} So this game is a mess and it need to be balanced and Riot decide to put 3 huge buffs on the most toxic champion kit ever created... Yeah be ready again for the 100% yasuo ban... Riot nerf the ulti range so you will need to actually be close to team fight in order to ulti now they give +200 range They nerf his MR because he have a freel shield now they buff his MR back... They nerf his Q base damage because of how easy is to abuse melee champions through minions now they buff it back... So they nerf this champion for a reason and now Riot is like "Yeah well i guess now we need something to be broken so the players to not tell us to nerf ADC any more" No Riot Yasuo being broken and 100% ban ratio may shift the boards from the "NERF ADC" which is justified but it would just create 2 problems...because you refuse to fix one and you try to cover one mistake with some other broken champion.. Because its obvious..we all k now that yasuo would be broken in the next patch and the boards/reddit would shift to "nerf yasuo" and i know that you know that this would take 4-6 patches of "talking of how to nerf yasuo" and people would forget the ADC.. STOP THIS BS RIOT god damn why this game become so bad? wtf happen....
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