Art...requires hitboxes to be fixed.

[]( Greetings everyone, Some of you might have guessed that this thread is going to be about Jhin from the title. Jhin is the subject of many threads lately due to how well he synergises with {{item:3095}} and Hail of Blades. This transforms him into a human-bullet : he hurts like a truck and he's fast as frick. ( could have gone for the rhyme, but nah ) I'm still taking Fleet Footwork on him because I love the sustain and going fast, but this is not the point of this thread. #HITBOXES. This has already been noticed, but Jhin's Curtain Call ( R ) has a larger hitbox than what is indicated on the ground. However, I'm not here to talk about Curtain's Call hitbox nor it's indicator. #Deadly Flourish ( W ) has a serious problem. I already knew the hitbox was obnoxious. Sometimes, as Jhin, I would root somebody when the "laser" ( since I'm playing PROJECT : Jhin ) was slighly to the opponent's side, and not centered on them. Another time, I was playing Kai'Sa and thought I properly dodged it, but it hit me. At the time, I was thinking : "Perhaps I was still in it after all since the hitbox is larger than you think." I didn't think about it that much. Until yesterday. ------------------------ >#CASE 1 :[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img] I actually didn't notice that one. I think I wouldn't have been hit by it, but since the hitbox is slighly larger than what it shows, I could have been rooted. It wouldn't have killed me since I have the shield from Killer Instinct ( R ), but still. [ Click on the picture below to see the gif ] >#CASE 2 :[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img][/img] This one is actually disgusting. Akali would have been killed by this Deadly Flourish. She had around 300 HP and Jhin's W had nearly 400 damage. I actually saw it while in-game, and while witnessing Akali's escape, I thought : "What the f#ck? She should have been hit" [ Click on the picture below to see the gif ] >#CASE 3[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img] Since I've only noticed how truly bullsh#t Deadly Flourish's hitbox was in this particular game, I've decided to investigate. Perhaps it was a problem that only happened in this game? Perhaps it was a problem linked to the skin? To both questions, the answer is NO. No, this issue happens whatever skin you pick, and will happen in every game. [ Click on the picture below to see the gif ] >#CASE 4[/img][/img][/img][/img][/img] People have been pointing out to me that the fact that I was standing in the river directly affected how the hitbox would work, so I've tried it on a equal ground. The problem is still there, but it's less "broken" than it was in the river. [ Click on the picture below to see the gif ] ---------------------------- The hitbox starts at Jhin's feet, but once the shot goes off, the hitbox moves to the left. ( Jhin's left ) This is something that must be fixed because it's an issue for both Jhin players and players that are going against him : - Jhin players can hit their opponents when the shot should have missed. - Jhin players can miss their opponents when their shot should have hit. - Players going against Jhin can be hit by his W when they properly dodged it. Even though this Jhin was my opponent, I am beyond frustrated when I see the shot missing. Please, fix Jhin's Deadly Flourish hitbox. Perhaps you can take a look at Jhin's Curtain Call too, but I've done some tests on it, and it doesn't look as "broken" as the W hitbox is at the moment. ---------------------- >#CURTAIN CALL ##Learn the DANGER ZONE and the SAFE ZONE. It's that simple. You have to learn at which end of Curtain Call you're safe, but also the ones in which you can still be hit. First of all, you should NEVER linger near Jhin's Ultimate. You've managed to escape? As long as you're near Curtain Call's zone, you're as good as dead. Don't be cocky thinking you're the juke god : just get away as far as you can if you're low HP. ##Here are the tests I've done with Curtain Call's hitbox/range : >#From the side Test 1 :[/img][/img][/img] Test 2 :[/img][/img][/img] Test 3 :[/img][/img] ------------------- >#At the very end Test 1 :[/img][/img][/img] This one is pretty weird. During Curtain Call, the arrow showed me that it was directed 100% towards the dummy, but here, it looks off. However, if you didn't know, Jhin's Curtain Call bullets have a larger hitbox than you think. You can be hit by the side of a bullet : that's how a teammate you were blocking for can be killed : you weren't perfectly aligned with your ally, thus leaving some space for Jhin's bullet to hit. It happened to me, and I was the one blocking for a teammate. It felt like I failed my duty. :'( Test 2 :[/img][/img][/img] ------------------------ Perhaps you think Curtain Call's range/hitbox must be addressed too. For my part, I'm used to it and know how it works. If Jhin kills me with his Ultimate, I'll either blame myself for not dodging or be impressed by the Jhin's accuracy. What needs to be fixed right now is Jhin's Deadly Flourish hitbox. I understand that there's more important issues at hand, but this needs to be addressed. Thank you for taking the time to read this big thread.
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