Easiest Champ Update Ever

It feels like Riot made this champion's passive as a placeholder till they figured something out for it, then just never got around to it. Fiddlesticks Passive: "Standing still or channeling for 1.5 seconds grants Fiddlesticks 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% bonus movement speed, that lasts for 1.5 seconds once he starts moving. Being immobilized will not trigger Dread, and will reset the timer. After 5 seconds of not moving, Fiddlesticks will stand completely still and become a scarecrow." Like, what? Is this not the most useless/under-powered passive of all time? I appreciate all the reworks and class updates, but can we spend 10 minutes getting something better than a 1.5 second move-speed bonus on a champ that can barely even make use of it? Post comes off a little salty, but I'm not I promise, I just find this passive hilariously bad.
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