Terrible Ranking system

I went 8-2 in prelims with 86 kills-43 deaths-104 assists and I didn't even gain ONE DIVISION, Not ONE. I even led in wards placed almost every game and I only supported once. I would understand this if I were highly ranked, but since I started about a year ago, I got trapped in the Bronze ghetto... I am not saying I am great. Not saying I should be in the Highest tier because I know I don't. I am a decent player and I know I am better than the bottom of the barrel . We all know you can carry, but sometimes it's just impossible no matter how good you are because of various reasons. Not saying I should have even placed Silver, although I know I am capable of it, but to not even rank up ONE DIVISION????? That's messed up Riot, I know this will go unnoticed or draw trolls, but damn I want an explanation. I'm tired of getting on win streaks, carrying, being friendly, only to then hit the wall of trolls and get ""Afks, Katarina supports, Mid or Feed, Insta locks, oh well we'll have 3 on bot lane, Feeders" and get trapped in the ghetto! Get insulted, blamed, cursed at, trolled. You have to Mute ever game. Long story short, I deserved at least ONE LOUSY DIVISION with that score/record and I got royally screwed and from what I am reading, I am not the only one....... Sorry for the rant, but When I get screwed that bad I have to get it off my chest. Time to move on. Would like that answer though....

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