How to even Pick a Main

Hey, all. I took a break during season 8. I never seemed to be able to climb higher than gold - and even then, just barely. Since starting up again a few days ago, I've begun the process of heavily studying up on macro and general gameplay things. However, I have... a rather _glaring_ issue. The one problem I've always faced with League is trying to stick to just one or two champions. I feel like constantly switching roles and champions is preventing me from getting better at any one of them, so I'm trying to seriously narrow down the champ pool to about two. I've performed best as ADC in the past, particularly using Jinx, Twitch, and occasionally Ezreal, but I always end up wanting to play Jungle again. Fiddlesticks jungle is how I started the game, but sadly, is... not a particularly viable option to climb and learn in the current state of the game. So, I beseech the Boards (which I've never used before) for some advice. League's always been the one game I can come back to time and time again, so I really want to be able to sit down and improve noticeably with more focus. All things considered, I'm heavily split between maining ADC or Jungle. I prefer teamfight-y champions (hence, you know, ADC) and the ability to influence the outcome of fights. Basically, I want to be able to learn how to carry harder with an ADC or Jungle champ or two. I don't like heavy CC tanks for that reason. Any advice would be appreciated. I've entertained the thought of maining Lucian, but he doesn't seem to be in the greatest spot either. Cheers, all. See you on the Rift.
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