Alas Poor Yorick, Even Immortals Can Die... [POLL] DO YOU INTEND TO PLAY YORICK MORE OR LESS?

I have seen better decisions in the comments section on Pornhub, this rework has not been thought out, Yorick should stay Yorick, not "Spooky Ghost Man" {{champion:83}} clearly is not a ghost but a "Ghoulish Figure" {{champion:83}}'s Rework is worse than {{champion:82}}'s Morde atleast got to keep his Identity, and image. {{champion:83}} is now obsessed with some random "Maiden" {{champion:83}} no longer has ghouls {{champion:83}} Can no longer jungle {{champion:83}} Has played against 100 or more Dariuses or Yasuos and thats it last patch. Not even enough games to say is he good or bad against each champion {{champion:83}} InvertedComposer, anyone heard of him? He kinda like playing Yorick in Challenger. {{champion:83}} Q=speed boost+ghoul W=slow+ghoul E=ghoul with lifesteal R=clone+10 second revive WHATS SO BAD ABOUT THIS? _"If you can learn what a champions abilities do and what they scale off of, they should be reworked or scrapped"-Rules for Making Champions_ Not actually true but relevant none the less {{champion:44}}X{{champion:429}}=new{{champion:83}} "Yorick’s abilities are another thing entirely. Riot has forgotten how to make simple champions, feeling the need to cram as much text and explanation into an ability as possible" and "These graves start to add up real quick and I hate how cluttered Summoner’s Rift has gotten in League of Legends . Bard chimes, Kindred marks and Skarner spires cover the map and add “mini games” to League ’s already complicated system. An Illaoi/ Yorick lane looks like it belongs in another game entirely, covered with graves and tentacles like an 80s metal band album cover" -iDigitalTimes To quote the League of Legends Reddit: "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS ????" -trafaco Here are a few fun facts about {{champion:83}}, they are slightly dated, and really showcase how much Riot like this champion Yorick was released 1,348 days ago, on June 6, 2011. Yorick last got a new skin on that same day. Yorick was last free 845 days ago, on November 6, 2012. That was during Season 2. The last time the Yorick Rework was mentioned as being worked on by Riot was 422 days ago, on January 3, 2014. The Rework was stated to be put "on ice" on December 15, 2014. No news since then. The last change made to Yorick was 332 days ago, on April 3, 2014. He got his base armor increased by 4. Yorick is the 4th least popular champion in Normal mode (as of the time of this writing), beating only Urgot, Zac, and Galio. Yorick is the 7th least popular champion in Ranked Solo/Duo mode (as of the time of this writing), beating only Urgot, Zac, Galio, Kog'Maw, Singed, and Elise/Skarner (depending on if you're looking at daily, weekly, or monthly) Yorick is now the champion that has gone the longest without a new skin (1819 days ago), as he received both of his skins on release. Yorick has one of the most consistent win rates between patches, floating around 47% for months on end. THAT MEANS THAT HE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY IGNORED BY RIOT AND BLOCKED FROM PLAYERS AT EVERY POSSIBLE MOMENT. "As shown in the ability description, Yorick's abilities seem to be very overpowered in certain situations.  Unfortunately, those 5 over-powered abilities are not enough to break the game.  Yorick has everything except for hard Crowd Control and blinks (gap closers/escape) which the current meta highly demands.  This means if you are a vigorous meta follower, you will find Yorick to be somewhat boring and uneasy to play.  However, if you would like to play Yorick for his good aspects, I'll tell you about everything I know about him."-InvertedComposer THIS CHARACTER WAS LAST FREE, GOT A SKIN, BUFFED/NERFED, IN 2012 (I Know his armor was raised by 4 Apr 3 2014) I KNOW YOU AT RIOT HAVE READ MY POSTS BECAUSE MY REQUESTS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. YOU HAVE FIXED MINOR ISSUES(ult dealing 100000 true damage actually lagged out an opponent computer, that game my damage to champiosn out numbered that of the enemies entire team total damage) NOW PLEASE YORICK AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX HIM. simple as this, buff the base damage on Q and scaling on E, boost his ults duration on later ranks, boost his base mana, and bam, a character that has some scaling, and can get a higher that 47% win rate. Yorick's play rate has dropped, almost continuously for the last 24 months, because the champion is weak. Yorick is boxed out from new players: Never Free 4800, the 2nd highest regular price Never Mentioned Meanwhile other champions that are Hard to balance have been spotlighted by Riot sponsored broadcasts {{champion:17}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:26}} and still others were taken care of quiet well without a major rework {{champion:24}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:8}} Oh did I mention that Yorick shines in 1v1s and at split pushing, say maybe in the jungle? Oh wait I forgot, the graves stay put, and only 1 camp has 4 creeps. Did I ever mention that Yorick is ideal for people who do not want to play a "standard" League of legends champion? I highly recommend you look at InvertedComposer's Website:
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