Nerf pyke's ult gold generation already.

##The reason i believe pyke is busted right now is because of the fact he generates *TOO MUCH* gold for takedowns with ult. I've already created a thread about it earlier, but riot is not doing anything about it so it's time to cry some more. I am a pyke main, so, I don't have problem dealing with pyke, never had. I don't think his kit is problematic, never did. The problem is, even if you shit on him in lane, he just gets off some ults and comes back into the game pretty effortlessly. He is extremely snowbally and because he gets this absurd amount of gold he is ALWAYS ahead of everyone and got a lot more items than everyone. I've had games as pyke finishing full build at minute 26(with little to no farm) - that is just busted. ##I've just finished this game: Yes, we won, Yes, we shat on this pyke on bot lane, and yet, look at how much gold he got, 44 farm btw. #24K GOLD. LIKE WTF? He was full build at minute 30, give or take. Their fed yasuo with 260 farm had 2k less gold. This champ is busted solely due to the fact he just generates TOO. MUCH. GOLD. He gets an early lead and he becomes too oppressive to deal with when he got 3k more gold than everyone at minute 20. #_**~~Bottom line, nerf or revert that ult because that is just nonsense.~~**_ ------------------------------------ Also, here are some vids of me shitting on this pyke just for your enjoyment, because i know how much you hate pyke xD the sidestep tho.
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