Give Wukong this QoL change, @Riot.

We understand you don't like Wukong as a "burst" champion. Yet he has no sustain to act like a "bruiser", nor enough tankiness to "Dive" and survive, not even reliable consistent "Crowd Control" to build him a bit tankier to use it consistently. So I'd like to know exactly what do you want Wukong to work as? All I want from you is to:- Allow Wukong to apply his [Q] before he lands his [E]. Example: if I press [Q] and dash to an enemy using [E], I want the [Q] to land before the [E] so the armor reduction debuff applies, so that:- **My [E] and [R]** deal more damage since the champion works as an AD caster **My Auto-Attacks** deal more damage and I use the full duration of Attack speed buff (from the [E]) uninterruptedly when dueling This sounds not much change, or no change at all to [Some people since they like to follow a certain combo like (E > AA > Q), but this would really add a bit more damage to his combo Or if you wanna duel early game it would make you a bit stronger in dueling since you apply the [Q] first and not last.
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