Jax can be 0/8 and once he get's trinity he can 1v1 or 2v1 anyone in the game, it's fucking retarded. YOU CAN'T OUTPLAY HIM IF HE JUMPS, STUNS AND FUCKING BEATS YOU WITH 3K DAMAGE PER SECOND. He's the prime example of an idiotproof and wellbalanced champ. This champ shows how great the riot balancing and character design teams are, making a fucking braindead champ that kills anything once he gets an item. Jax's passive is complete aids and really goddamn unbalanced; free attack speed AND free true damage (from conqueror) for just being in combat? Yeah balanced and on top of that his q and and e where he can EASILY CHASE YOU OR ESCAPE and the fact that he dodges ALL BASIC ATTACKS + STUNS is just really great, whoever designed this champ needs a raise honestly.

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