The nature of Irelia gives her kill pressure even when behind

No, this isn't a "RIOT NERF IRELIA PLS" salt post. In fact, my gripe with Irelia isn't as large as the other champs I detest. A good majority of the time I don't lose lane vs her (Although my LAST GAME against her I did lose lane because she kept being greedy and getting me low, but I won in K/DA. However, this forced me to back frequently so she got my turret relatively quickly), but I've noticed even when I get massive leads against her, she still doesn't fail to pull some flashy bs and kill my entire backline in a teamfight. This gives me the conclusion of her ability to be hypermobile at any stage of the game gives her a large amount of kill pressure, and it's kind of amazing how she can reset her dash three times on the same target at rapid speeds. What I think Riot should do is cool it with her mobility (No, don't GUT her. That would just remove her identity.)
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