Whenever neither team has a hyper scaling ADC I have genuine fun with the game

With riot trying to push League as a team game I believe having every player have the same amount of impact is important and hyperscalers totally screw with that notion. When your team lacks one and the enemy doesn't it feels like playing against a ticking time bomb. On the same hand, if both teams have one it can feel like it's a 1v1 between them with all of you having to funnel all your resources into ONE player. The rare case when neither has one though, oh, that's why I play this game. It feels like both teams have a equally important players and it feels really exciting playing these games where both teams constantly try outsmarting each other and gaining the upper hand. No hyperscaling BS, just a nice match of league of legends where every player's important and contributes to the success of a team. So, Tl;DR: I love you guys {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:15}}
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