Zoe needs adjustments, again.

She deals ridiculous amount of damage with her passive and W damage. Pasif deals 12-135 + 32.5% of AP for per AA. It is like fucking what? W deals 75 + 75% of AP, after every item and summoner spell... It means it is even more when you cast at least 2 spells in a row. I died, no joke, I died only to her passive and W damage, from 100. Dodged every spell and still died. She needs adjustment for her spells. There is a reason why pros started to player her again and are rushing Lich Bane. She is like s3 Ahri, braindead champion that kill you with undodgeable damage plus dodgelable stupid damage. I'm saying that with someone who plays Zoe. Just adjustment her, if nerfs are not necessary. It is frustrating and not fun to play against.

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