Nasus Ulti Powercreep

Anyone else feel like Nasus ult has slowly become more powerful over patches? He's not very weak during early anymore, once he gets a sheen, hits level 6 and has about 70 stacks he can 1v1 most champions, I think it's largely due to powercreep on his ult. His ult now gives at rank 1: 1. 300 bonus hp 2. 50% q cdr reduction (!!!!!!) 3. 1 bonus mr and armor per second (15 bonus resistances over the duration so not super impactful) 4. bonus attack range (just 50) 5. hefty aoe magic damage (3% of max hp per second , which is 45% over the duration -at rank 1, this becomes 150% at rank 3-) now I leave some details out. for example, while he has a 45% max hp damage over the duration, you probably won't get *all* that damage off, but it's still large enough to not be ignored (also factoring in resistances, this usually comes out to closer to 30% at low levels when most people have like a 30-40% mr redux) my biggest gripe is with nasus's q cdr on his ult. i dont remember which patch it was added, but it gives him a massive power spike at level 6. couple this with the base AD every champ got as compensation at the beginning of season 8, and sheen is also a giant powerspike on nasus. i feel as though if they reverted his ult so that he doesn't get the cdr boost on his q, he would be a lot more manageable early. do you think they should remove the q cooldown on nasus ult?

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