League is becoming a team game. This is why people hate it.

So, I read some player behaviour post about the immense toxicity in Silver and decided to make this post about what League is, and attempt to convey my criticisms in the most creative, organized, and unbiased way I can. That being said, I am a low Gold player. **_Earlier Seasons_** 1. So back in earlier seasons, you could carry your way through games, and you could tell the difference between players depending on their ranks. 2. Players could be 1 of 3 things: - Someone who had the skill to carry their games on their own, and who deserved their high-elo rank - Someone who was lucky enough to get games with people and climb off the backs of others, usually in mid-elo - And someone who lacked skill and experience in the game, usually low-elo * League of Legends used to be a game where the strong and skilled would be able to climb, the lucky would get free wins, and the un-skilled toxic players were left behind. **_League Today_** 1. It might be fairly obvious to some people, but League is becoming a team game. You now have to work with your team to push objectives and initiate fights - The reason people hate the state League is in now is that fighting as a team is something you can only accomplish with coordination. In low elos like Bronze, and Silver 5-4, people don't really know how to play the game as well, so they're more accepting to leadership, but in High Silver to High Gold, you have people who will fight to be the leader no matter what. Everyone thinks they know how to play the game, and that everyone else is bad. It's just a toxic elo. - In my opinion, the game should take elements from the current patch as well as elements from earlier seasons. This would be something like the hard carry potential of earlier seasons, with a rival strategy of teamwork. Make it so that assassins don't own the game. Right now you need an assassin on your team or your chances of winning plummet. * Currently the game is in a really bad spot. Riot has released Zoe, which on her own isn't that bad. But currently we are forced to play as a team, and Zoe does the absolute opposite. She isn't a champion that compliments anyone. The problem is that the team game Riot's built, is being threatened by solo carry champions, like Zoe. Riot either needs to make the play-style of teams more diverse or stick with their choice of making League of Legends a team game. I'm open to criticisms, but keep it from being biased to how your teams are. Everyone gets bad teammates, I'm talking about the game as a whole. Edit: People seem to not understand, or didn't read, this post. I'm not saying that a team game is a fundamentally bad system. I'm saying that the game contradicts the style that it's going for, with the champions being released. Riot should release a streamlined way to coordinate, or change the fundamental strategy of the game to something more rewarding for skill.

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