A champion's counter play should not be jungle help

Seriously, this is such an unhealthy design. Take nasus for example. A champion that rolls over pretty much everything in low elo, but is considered unplayable in high elo. One of the main reasons for this is that the way you beat nasus is ganking him constantly, because he has no re positioning abilities. In low elo junglers do not yet know how to abuse this, and that's why he is so oppressive. You pray you get a good jungler, and if you don't you have to try your best to harass him through his lifesteal and innate tankiness before he gets level 6. And if you don't get a kill, come level 6 he wins by default against almost everyone but illaoi and tryndamere. Meanwhile in high elo we see the exact opposite happen. Junglers repeat gank the nasus and put him so far behind that he is irrelevant from that point on. He sees almost no play, and is usually considered a troll pick. A champion should not be so oppressive in low elo yet literally unplayable in higher ranks. Although league is a team game, part of what I'd like to see more of is the ability to individually carry, and I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't have to gamble on the skill of another player to decide your lane. Just some thoughts.
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