Assassins shouldn't be able to just 1v2 freely. Stop asking for it.

With all the complaining going on about supports, I find it hard to ignore some...lopsided logic that recurs in the conversation. Like, assassins complain that they can't assassinate when a support is there, right? But supports are *supposed* to stop assassinations, and are *supposed* to not fight people straight up. If we don't want supports to fight well, or wave clear well, so they stick to supporting and saving carries, how can you complain when they do the one thing they're supposed to do? I'm not saying supports "can't be op", but the notion that an assassin should just run in your shit and win what's essentially a 1v2 is fucking ridiculous. If I'm a support, and I'm doing my job, and you're an assassin, **it's my job to watch out for you.** Your team should be helping to make an opening for you to pick someone off. Maybe that someone isn't the adc specifically? Maybe it's the enemy mid laner? Maybe it's a low health jungler? Maybe that someone is **me?** Idk, but the relationship between me and an assassin is literally an inverse relationship: If you're doing your job well when I'm in interaction range of you, I'm doing my job poorly, and if you're getting caught in bubbles or running into shields over and over again, you're doing a shit job of picking targets and openings. That's how I see it. Sure, some champs need addressing with this in mind, and sure, some champs are inherently better or worse at stopping certain types of threats outright, but generally speaking, I think there's other issues that create pain points for the assassin vs. support experience, and just mindlessly blaming the whole role when it only has a few outlier offenders (Janna and Kench are prime examples, as well as Redemption and Locket, Redemption being a bit less so, though) isn't a fair narrative, period. Just trying to add a dose of sanity to the discussion.
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