I guess asking enemy team to report toxic, trolling people is bannable now

edit: unbanned Hey Kush Plank, ThermalLamp here to provide context and support. Thanks for writing in, I went and reviewed your case and it looks like this 2 week ban was properly placed on your account. *Kush Plank: and this naut on purpose took tp and called me a %%%%%% in champ select * We have a very clear zero-tolerance policy for extremely negative behavior, such as telling players to kill themselves (kys), as well as racial and homophobic slurs in game towards other players. Regardless of your justification, this behavior is unacceptable in our game. That's why this chat caused a Two week suspension, that being said after investigating I can see that you were correct the Nautilus did start this. So for that I have lifted this suspension and restored your honor. But going forward do not repeat what you are called in chat. And while telling people to report players isn't bannable, it is unnecessary as only one report is necessary in game for an account to brought under out attention. telling other players to "report X player" because it takes away from focusing on the game and contributes to a hostile environment. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! ThermalLamp Riot Games Player Support logs are Game 1 Kush Plank: report gp Kush Plank: Took my champ and told me to pick nunu for him Kush Plank: and this naut on purpose took tp and called me a %%%%%% in champ select Kush Plank: they are a 4 man and they trolled me Kush Plank: well i can so naut u getting banned buddy Kush Plank: haha Kush Plank: ya Kush Plank: cya in 2 weeks after this game Kush Plank: called me a %%%%%% and told me to suck a dick Kush Plank: meh Kush Plank: haha Kush Plank: you can be banned for fake reporting as well Kush Plank: so 4 weeks Kush Plank: reported Kush Plank: who did u mute Kush Plank: pls report them too Kush Plank: hes very toxic lol Kush Plank: pls dont forget report naut for being racist, and trolling Kush Plank: and gp for troll picking me nunu Kush Plank: report gp troll pick me nunu and naut for racist Game 2 Kush Plank: damn my internet has been messing up! Kush Plank: accidently picked wrong sums lol! Kush Plank: report vayne toxic Kush Plank: man this is going to be a hard lane! Kush Plank: good thing i took cleanse lol Kush Plank: damn wifi Kush Plank: report sol for giving up Kush Plank: ok? Kush Plank: reported for flame all i did was tell my team and enemy team to report players for CLEARY breaking the rules. In the second game i said to report sol for flame and giving up WHICH ARE REPORTABLE. Im confused on how i get banned for NOT BREAKING ANY RULES? I received a 2 week ban for this. and the player that was racist and toxic got away. nice riot!

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