I'm a simple man. I've played Morde since his release: Feb 24, 2010. He's all I know.

EDIT: We're going to try a new thread guys- hope you can share your thoughts. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/pywLgTL1-playing-new-mordekaiser-for-the-first-time-seeking-guidanceadvice-from-the-community I -Intro II- Morde Mid with Smite III- Morde Bottom with a Support IV- My thoughts on the 5.16 patch incoming rework for Morde (base stats) V- My thoughts on the 5.16 patch incoming rework for Morde (New KIT) VI- Call to Action VII- JoSungtv's accusations EDIT: Celebrity appearances I'm hoping for: -CertainlyT--- You have my respect for being able to do what you love- and I will not downvote you if you'll only come and discuss what few of my points are valid. (Like problems with Morde pet) I'd really like to see you here. I had the pleasure of speaking with Morello back in Season 2 when HE broke Morde's back with the nerf bat. While we agreed to disagree- I walked away with a better understanding. -Fear the Mace- The world's best Morde player. Being an NA player- I've NEVER gotten to talk to him. Since the boards allow all players to interact- I really wanna meet him :3 **I -Intro** I can't pretend to be writing to an audience of like minded people. Mordekaiser sucks. No engage. No escape. No CC of any kind. As such no one really wanted to pick him up. Everyone dreams of the LCS and getting good enough to compete at the 'next level'. I respect that. But I'm different. I dedicated my time to learning Mordekaiser inside and out. In fact I bet you didn't know that 3 of Morde's skins have a hidden white bowtie under the helmet- visible only while emoting. _(see attached picture below)_ As a Morde main I've had to adapt every season when Riot changed things: 1. New ADC's all come with built in escapes 2. ALL Junglers can slow me for FREE with smite (meaning they do not need to land a skill shot) 2. Riot's taken items away that made my life easier: -FON (Force of Nature) -DFG (Deathfire Grasp) -Selfish side note to bring back Leviathan so Taric support can get his swag on again. {{champion:44}} {{item:3070}} I had to adapt. I looked for new ways to play Morde and looked at EVERY new patch with an open mind as a way to rethink my strategies. **II- Morde Mid with Smite** When Luden's Echo was released I was the first to realize Smite Proc's Ludens. (_This was months before Mid Ezreal or the change to Magus/Runeglaive_) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_OtKgd-meE So I thought. And thought. How can I use this? What is Morde weak against? Junglers. So I made my goal to f*ck the Jungler before he could f*ck me. Shove wave lvl 1 and 2 (Mid). Drop ward on their red/blue lvl 2. Come back to lane in time for 3rd wave. Smite enemy cannon and shove enemy mid laner to turret- faced with the decision to stop you from stealing enemy buff- or secure HIS lvl 3 with cannon. Either way I come out on top provided I play it smart and don't get myself killed by overstaying. {{champion:17}} "wtf morde with smite, ill sh*t bricks if this works" {{champion:82}} " https://gyazo.com/b1c0835c56d64f340a76086014af2e59 " By playing Morde mid with smite I found I could power farm between waves on either side of the jungle- outleveling mid and more **importantly**- the enemy jungler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAHbe_2GsTU I found a viable strat with Morde mid with smite. Especially when they took away my magus and buffed both Ryalis and Liandry. Helloooooooo late game Cinderhulk.{{item:3717}}{{champion:82}} {{item:3709}} But why stop there? Morde mid is still weak to camps. Nothing stings worse than directly countering enemy mid- but having to squat under my tower like the b*tch Riot's forced Morde into being because of a SHACO jungler.{{champion:35}} {{summoner:14}} > {{champion:82}} ~~FLASH~~ **III- Morde Bottom with a Support** So when Riot finally gave Morde some buffs Feb 25, 2015- (happy 5th birthday Morde!) I decided to try Morde bottom. I've tried it with several different comps and found Morde works BEST with: -Leona (1st) http://gyazo.com/e56d3237727974ca02a3364a6fdd4b59 -Thresh (2nd) https://gyazo.com/ebdf7123d9b1e5dafdb3c1eaca0c82b1 -Alistair/Nautilus (3rd) Didn't screen cap these games- Leona and Thresh far better. **IV- My thoughts on the 5.16 patch incoming rework for Morde (BASE stats)** SO. When I heard just last week that Riot was acknowledging Morde bot is a thing- I was VERY happy. Hell they even threw in a Dragon pet. Kappa. But then I saw this: (PBE Patch notes for Morde) https://gyazo.com/5a5b3b6b77a053fb56d0179800947fb5 Let me stop you right there. I know Morde mmmmmmmkay? He's mah boi. Stuck with him no matter what. Thick n' thin. Played him every way you can imagine. You expect me to start playing Hybrid Morde? With no escape? You expect me to get off THREE auto attacks to win a trade? With what atk speed again? Oh let me guess- are you expecting this build? {{item:3124}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} ??????????????? 1. Cuz with Morde as you've made him- I'm going to need CDR (You nerfed the cooldowns on a champ that only survives by keeping his shield up through the casting of spells) 2. Apparently you expect me to start building spellvamp again- and I gotta be honest- spellvamp is sh*t. I don't have CC. If I don't get a peel and they catch me with ANY CC- I'm dead before I can cast anything to USE spellvamp. (This is literally the most viable build I can think of. After 3 dragons I can see myself selling off the boots for Liandries or Scimitar (Qss + AD) or maybe even Banshee.) Change isn't always bad- but let's examine some other issues. You've nerfed my movement speed you sons of b*tches. REALLY? I'm the ONE guy in the game who can't escape ganks unless I flash and you're going to make me SLOWER? REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY? Sorry. I need a moment. /dies internally **V- My thoughts on the 5.16 patch incoming rework for Morde (New KIT)** All that aside let's quickly examine the new Morde kit: _Passive: Shield decay per second now 2% of base hp (up from 3% max shield) Shield no longer decays below 25% Max shield from per level to 25% of max HP Shield generation is now 25% of damage dealt, from 35%_ **I have to have more damage to generate my normal amount of shield- however my MAX shield is reliant on MAX HP. I won't complain about this till I've seen it in action. But let's make a note that I'm cynical about it.** _Q: Now buffs Mordekaisers next 3 attacks. Each does 2x-3x the last, increasing with spell rank (e.g., if the first hit deals 100 damage, the third deals 900). W: Reworked New passive: Mordekaiser receives full experience from any lane minion he kills New active -- Harvesters of Sorrow: Mordekaiser and target ally champion gain 75 MS while moving toward one another. When close to one another, both deal magic damage to nearby enemies over 4 seconds. Ability can be reactivated to instantly deal ~40% of the total DoT and heal Mordekaiser and his ally for the damage dealt (heal takes 3 units maximum; 33% heal to minions) Health cost removed._ **So let's get this straight. I have to land THREE auto attacks in the span of seconds with LESS movement speed? I think you might be picking on me specifically. New Passive- Full EXP!? Sh*t like this makes me paranoid AF that I'll never get to pick Morde again simply cuz soloque wants to first time him in ranked/ban him. I like it- but it might be too good. Potential heal? Again. Too good. Give me back my distance AOE damage- how the fck can I farm at a safe distance in a bad lane if I can't W my creep wave? I'm beginning to take this personally. I DON'T WANT TO BE A SUPPORT. F*CK YOU. I'M ES NUMERO UNO._ Not a support._** _E: Base damage reduced from 70/115/160/205/250 >>> 35/65/95/125/155 Now also scales with 0.6 total AD Cooldown from 6 >>>> 6/5.75/5.5/5.25/5 Now grants 15% of maximum shield on champion hits_ **I maxed Q in solo lanes and maxed E in duo lanes. This change is disgusting. You're expecting Morde's to rush Gunblade. MORDE does not need SPELLVAMP. I really don't get why people still build it on him. You're gimping your carry potential with sh*tty overpriced items. Having the slow early game, (assuming you're able to get the gold you need) will HELP you land the 3 aa's you need for Q- but Luden is SO much better for Morde. As is Rylais.** _R: Added: Passive -- Dragon Force: Dealing damage to the Dragon curses it. If Mordekaiser’s team kills a cursed target, Mordekaiser gets a ghost of that target. Ghost Duration up from 30 >>> 45/60/75 _ While I like the added ghost duration (it will make people more responsible with their pets)- I'd much rather you fix the way the Ai works- example: it's well known to Morde players that Azir does not obey the micro commands and just attacks w/e you attack- which by the way is awful- I can't tell you how many times I micro my pet to X location and then I try to attack a minion and my ghost waddles back to me like a dumb*ss. Additionally there are some cases where Morde pet does not generate when the first half of your ult (the burst that's done initially) kills the opponent. It's because the DoT isn't registering the instant you curse and so you only get the kill- but not the pet- and now you don't have an ult for 50-90 seconds. I am ALSO worried about what happens if during dragon secure I ult and kill an enemy player but then my team gets dragon. Do I not get Dragon? Does my ghost die so drag can take it's place? Am I going to be discouraged from using my ult to secure Dragon simply because we want the Drag pet? While I love the concept of being a Dragon Master- Especially with the Dragon Knight Morde skin- (_I'm even having a new overlay for my stream made for it as we speak_)_(see attached picture below)_ I'm not sure you guys thought this through. I feel like you've been wanting to make Morde into a bruiser for so long that you're just going to do what you want to him and say 'here's a Dragon to distract you from all the problems we've ignored'. Well it didn't work and you're breaking my **Hueart**. I've mained bot Morde. I know its weaknesses and strengths. I do not need a source of AD damage. Their adc is OUR adc. That's the way it's always been. Please hear what I've said and think of a compromise. EDIT: ~~I know you do not need to ult Dragon. And my distaste for the AD ratio is because riot is rewarding bad builds on Morde and punishing the best builds. ~~ > This logic is disturbing, he is being changed entirely, he can't be changed to encourage a bad build, he can only be changed to have new good builds, nor can they somehow punish him for picking the "Best builds" since they obviously aren't the best anymore. > _I will admit I was in a rush when I typed out the ending and did not fully explain myself here. There's a reason i gave up spellvamp. It's not efficient. 1200 gold for 40 ap- and something that is only useful during the lane phase. That is how I feel about items like triforce. Sure their pretty. Insane damage- cuz yeah I've trolled at LEAST 800 games as Morde with silly builds and trying new stuff. Triforce is a favourite item of mine- but it's NOT efficient. Every AP Item I buy coems with a defensive stat, a unique active OR an easily used passive. Triforce on morde give me attack speed and movement speed and honestly the only bit that's truly useful is the sheen proc and the phage proc. But these things will not save morde- only help him be aggressive- and in solo que- that's not how you build Morde. If you go into a purely offensive item- you're most likely going to get focused in the team fight. You rush Luden, Ryalis OR Hourglass on Morde for suitability. Spending all of your lane phases hard earned gold (the only time *new* Morde has the advantage on something with only offensive attributes is going to end badly for you versus any team with a brain. I'm dead serious here._ **VI- Call to Action** To everyone that read this post in its entirity- I thank you. Leave a comment. Upvote the thread. Downvote it. Whatever tickles your fancy- but more than anything- please share it with your friends. No. Don't just skim over that last bit. Literally take your cursor, copy the following link; http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/nEUnVy2j-im-a-simple-man-ive-played-morde-since-his-release-feb-24-2010-hes-all-i-know and paste it to all of your friends in League. Please. I have tons of things better to do after a 9 hour shift then write about a champ you all hate anyways. I'm just trying to save my guy you know? Thanks for hearing me out, -The King ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://www.twitch.tv/thekingofelohell https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-King-of-Elohell/820121808077262 https://twitter.com/KingofEloHell https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC59w0Pb3YMcd29fYaVmoTxA ____________________________________________________________________________________ **VII- JoSungtv's accusations** Someone named Shadows played league with me a lot 2-3 years ago. He's some kid from Canada. He approached me once after hearing I was looking to buy a lvl 30 (elo unimportant) and said he was really strapped for cash and needed to pay rent because they cut his hours at wherever he worked. He offered to sell me what he claimed was his own account, a Diamond 2. I paid him half and sent the rest of his money in increments. I remember him being really anal about not getting it all in one sum- but I told him that's the best I can do. After playing on the account for 5 months ish- I lost access to the account. Shadows had taken the account back after I paid him off. I got scammed and to be honest I had it coming for trusting someone on the internet and breaking Riot's rule of buying accounts. I thought I was doing a friend who couldn't continue playing league a favor- and getting a cool account with some decent skins to boot. I got rekt and didn't think another thing about it until recently when JoSungtv posted this: https://gyazo.com/d78a9ee174b97bf9ec7bf8afb1b5dc8c I have nothing to hide and I'm really impressed he made his voice heard over all of the other comments- just goes to show you that Reddit is pretty amazing. However I am fairly sure this guy is either shadows himself or sold his account to shadows- Diamond players do not usually hand out account info to just anybody. As far as his accusation goes about stealing/hacking his account- this is just not true. If anything else- I sort of hate that we derailed the reddit post to the point I had to take it down. _(I was not even home- at work- and couldn't defend myself while his accusation sank the ship I sailed) _ But it's fine. I'm not used to this kind of attention (good or bad) and it's taught me not to leave my dirty laundry out to dry hahah. Anyways to conclude this thread- I really appreciate everyone's AMAZING support on the stream. I really did not expect such positive and constructive feedback. I learned a lot I hadn't known about Morde and I really hope I can improve as a player in result.
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