Yasuo Needs To Be Changed

Now before I get down voted by all those hard core Yasuo mains who think I should just stop being a scrub and git gud. I'd like to say that I think Yasuo needs some serious fine tuning. His kit is way too overloaded and he is somehow allowed to be one of the strongest champions in every single phase of the god damn game. He's a giant lane bully, a great mid game fighter, and a late game hyper carry. There's simply no falling off for the guy. Also for a champion that's supposedly designed to be very hard to pick up, Yasuo has too many safety nets and training wheels. Ultimate putting you outside tower range. Passive shield. Wind wall. Tornadoes recharging in 5 seconds if you miss them. In addition, CC isn't too effective against him due to his wind wall and high mobility and camping him in the early game doesn't work either since no matter how far you put him behind, as soon as he hits 2 items he'll be shredding through your entire team thanks to conqueror and his passive. He's had one of the highest ban rates in the game for the last 4 years now and no one really likes playing against him. So please just do something. To summarize, his kit is overloaded and he has too many safety nets for a supposedly high learning curve champion. " Bullshit aside Yasuo is a broken champion. People say he's a high skillcap champion, but the secret with Yasuo is knowing how to control yourself while playing such a overpowered champion. Yasuo's weakness comes from the fact that he is too strong. His laning phase is so strong that after the laning phase people do not know how to keep calm and throw the game. " - Dopa Apdo Edit: Removed ending note because new infinity edge on Yasuo doesn't work like how I thought it would. Edit 2: Please, if you're going to disagree with me, at least use decent counter arguments instead of just insulting me or saying I don't deserve to talk based on my rank. If you truly believe I don't deserve to talk based on my rank then as a higher elo player, feel free to refute me. You must have a good counter argument right? As due to being a higher elo player you automatically know more than me when it comes to game balance.

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