Yuumi is the cutest slap in the face I've ever gotten

In August of 2018, Riot releases one of the most busted, high skill ceiling champions they've ever created with the Akali rework. Nine months later, Riot releases a new enchanter that's basically just a buff hat. What the actual hell? You release one busted champion after another until it comes to enchanters, and then we get to play out the power fantasy of being a sentient buff hat. The support role already has plenty of Garen-Difficulty level characters as it is. Adding on another support with a design as shallow and as bland as this doesn't build on the modernization of the role. You have champions in this game that legit take 50 games to even get a handle on, but then design time gets spent creating a support champ with a kit that fits on an index card? Is there anyone at Riot that gives a shit about the state of Supports? It's so frustrating to main this role just in general, but then to just get table scraps for a new Enchanter kit feels fucking bad.
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