I have to admit that Spear + DD is a cool interaction. But it's basically URF Mode.

They turn melee top laners into literal blenders. This needs to chill. Illaoi, Darius and Renekton already had {{item:3053}} for securing their lead after stomping their lane. Now they have this combo to win games with 1v10 afterwards. These and melee top hypercarries like Riven and Jax are only going to see increased winrates and banrates until these items are significantly changed. The combo's fun, I'll admit. It really is. It's cool, too! People love URF for a reason. But let's be real: there's no counterplay to it that doesn't involve destroying them in laning phase (which these champions easily glide through). There's zero agency around the combo as well except to never let these champions get remotely close to anyone, lest they die and a half of their life bar now becomes theirs. Nothing about the combo (especially alongside new Conqueror) is interactive besides being fun to look at. It has to get adjusted. The sustain isn't so much the problem as the CDR is. Spear and DD don't deserve to grant 30% CDR together - in fact CDR should be a much rarer commodity on non-AP items than it currently is. It is nothing short of ridiculous how easy it is to earn 40% CDR on absolutely everyone right now. Please consider lowering the CDR on these items and nerfing the raw potential of Dragon Spear - 50% on-hit for 6 seconds is a bit ridiculous as well.
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