Why DOES Riot hate Aatrox and Urgot

I'm very unsure why they have such an issue with these two champs {{champion:6}} {{champion:266}} Aatrox and Urgot are hardly considered "Op" from what I've seen. In the hands of someone whose put practice and mastered the champ, they can fuck up a lot of top lane matchups. Here lies the issue; Their unique playstyles are hard to adapt to and so easy to counter. Honestly, Riot Games are so against Urgot and Aatrox being good, yet they let {{champion:14}} and {{champion:92}} (Two champs I consider very similar in terms of what their jobs are and their respective kits) run around doing almost the same thing. Riven provides high dps with high mobility, often crowd controlling multiple opponents at once and killing them very quickly if she snowballed(Like Aatrox), whilst having high survivability. Sion protects himself with his shield, taking very little damage and bullying out his opponents out of the laning phase with his high ranged harass (Similar to Urgot) I don't get why they get treated so badly, get hardly any buffs despite their abysmal stats, while champs VERY close to their playstyles and kits are highly encouraged and absolutely LOVED by Riot. Could someone help me understand this?
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