Neeko kinda steps on LeBlanc's toes

LeBlanc for the past 8 years has always been the tried and true deceiver, always tricking her opponents and then killing them when they're flat footed. Now we have champ.....(and shaco doesn't count) What bugs me is that after all of the changes LeBlanc has been through, they skip out on her and just give these ideas to a new champ. Now, as a loyal leblanc main since 2013, I dont like changes to LeBlanc. I absolutely cried at the rework, and then shouted for joy at the revert. Now im crying again cuz rito has a new animation for her in mind and I hate it so friggin much. But that's besides the point here. Neeko has an ability that lets her change her appearance. That woulda been great on LeBlanc. Not as a replacement for an ability, but an addon. So remember that tricksters glass thing which pretty much did the same thing? I say that every like 2 minutes LeBlanc gets 1 free use of it as part of her passive. Additionally, her passive should also be active if so desired. Like if you click the passive icon, she will do her mirror image abilities. How it is now also applies. Lastly, LeBlanc's RR was kinda a hit and sort of miss. It was a cool concept, but it was buggy AF. But the other part where a clone casts the mimic with her is actually a good idea. I say that THAT part should go back onto her, just act a little bit more like mirror image (longer invisi, longer lasting clone). _tl;dr, leblanc is being overshadowed, here are some ideas to help her get more tools _ ** give leblanc a tricksters glass every so often make mirror image active if desired mimic should also spawn a clone on cast. **

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