Who thinks GA is not healthy for this current state of the game now?

Because im starting to think that the item {{item:3026}} is a problem in the long term and it feels bad having to kill the carry twice. It gets worse when its a hyper carry that can destroy the entire team and they get is similar to a get out of jail free card. what is makes it even more painful is having to worry playing around a GA by having to kill the one with it at all times it is up. And having 5 minutes of an opening to destroy one champion is taxing. The only way that i can see GA being remotely healthy is to give it the Aatrox ult treatment needing to kill a champion in combat and get revived with the set amount that it gives. (the usual 30% base health) that or the more extreme solution is to just delete if from the game and replace it with a similar item like what was brought from the Bilgewater BB event that gives any champion using it a tryndamere/ or Pre-reworked {{champion:83}} to those that have played it beforeit happened, effect of dying but taking no damage until time runs out. Honestly, as much as i dont want to call something cancer, Guardian Angel is a bit of a problematic item overall.

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