Can we PLEASE have all champs unlocked in the practice tool?

Title. As a new player, it's very frustrating to play against a champ and not know why you lost, what abilities they used, whether that spell that blasted you was a 6-second-cooldown maxed-out Q or a 100-mana-120-second-cooldown ultimate ability. Not to mention the really awful feeling that comes from getting a shard for a champ you haven't played and then not having a way to find out if you like them or if the BE would be better used buying literally _anyone_ else. Currently the only solution appears to be going on the PBE client, but even that seems unfair, as it's not broadcast in any meaningful way to new players, and what you learn as a new player on the PBE may or may not represent live. So why can't you use the practice tool? You can't get mastery points or experience points for the practice tool. You can only see how the champ plays, see what that abstract-feeling .6 ability power ratio actually means for the build you see on the champ when they're played against you. This is not a fair experience for new players. I spent a month sitting on a Katarina shard I eventually upgraded, as well as Fizz and Vlad shards I disenchanted around the same time. I STILL have a Jhin shard because I STILL have not gotten to play the champ, and then I got one for Gangplank, who I ALSO have never played. The idea of renting the shard feels even worse in these cases--if I like them I now can't get them, and if I hate them I now can't get the BE for them. It doesn't feel fair as a new player who still hasn't played half the champs at all. At least once a champ has entered rotation (as in after the first three weeks), can we PLEASE have all the champs in the practice tool?
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