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You can't really... Can you? You certainly can't have any desire to change Fiora to make her better without being considered a "toxic troll." 5 ways to make Fiora better: 1. Give her double lunge back (That's what made her Fiora) 2. Give her ultimate back... (That's what made her good defensively facing 5 champs alone with a dead team.) 3. Give Fiora her E back... her burst of speed is what made her a good turret breaker. 4. Keep the new Fiora as well as give the old Fiora back.. (Since they are two entirely different champs give her a twin sister with the Old Fiora skills so we can have fun pitting them against each other in games) 5. Start actually supporting your Fiora in game since she is likely the true carry. Stop being a Fiora hater and letting her die before you help with the fight. Stop talking smack about your Fiora in game... Stop stealing her buff to be a jerk even if you are the "jungle" who never ganks Fiora because you are a Fiora hater. Stop nerfing her as a developer.
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