Diamond player thoughts on Dynamic Queue. Riot, I'm calling you out

Hi everyone, Fridge here with a Dynamic Queue rant (yay I know). I'm very aware that this subject has been beaten to death, but I really felt like I needed to chime in and give some of my own thoughts. These thoughts are based off of my own solo experience's in diamond since the implementation of Dynamic Queue. It's approaching a month since I have last logged onto the Rift. I decided to "take a break" from League for two reasons. The first was that Overwatch was coming out and I was genuinely excited to play a new game that strives to be competitive. At the current moment of writing this Blizzard has not implemented a ranked queue yet, but from what I have seen it looks promising. Overwatch is a fresh new genre of multiplayer game play that for the most part has lived up to my expectations. The second reason why I decided to take a break is because I have just been fed up with the current state of the game. I have played League since season 3 (I remember starting when the pool party theme just started). I have manged to finish in diamond for the last 3 season and can say that the game has gotten to the point where its not even fun anymore. I still look over the boards every here and there to see what Riot is doing in regards to player concerns with Dynamic Queue and you know what they have done? NOTHING {{item:3070}} I cannot believe that a billion dollar company like Riot is treating its player base so poorly. Riot, all we want is to play League of Legends and have a good time doing it. If i did not care about League then I would not have made this post. There have been thousands of posts made about Dynamic Queue and it's inherent flaws, yet nothing has been done to try and remedy the problem. Dynamic Queue currently DOES NOT show how good someone is. At all. Throwing solo players in with premade teams does not make any sense on a competitive level. Many pro players have gone on record to straight up bash dynamic queue, and for good reason. Riot tried explaining DQ through a video on their YouTube channel which, was not received well by the COMMUNITY. Riot insists that people actually enjoy dynamic queue. Alright Riot, PROVE IT. I'd be happy if Riot surveyed a set sample size of players ranging in ELO about their thoughts on dynamic queue. This would be a great way to measure the player experience's across multiple ELO's. Now I'm sure Riot has done surveys like this before but the stats frankly become inaccurate after players have been exposed to the system for awhile. Opinions change with experiences. The same people that may have supported solo queue might have changed their mind with the system over the last month. A follow up DQ survey will likely give some interesting data to analyze. I understand that League of Legends is a team game, but by straight up alienating the solo queue players is the wrong way to go about implementing change. Riot is trying to add banners now to display if you are a solo or dynamic player. This is not even a bandaid fix to the problem. This is Riot saying, "We know that premades win more games than solo players, so we are going to give solo players and premade players badge's. Just so you know you that you were beat by premades or solo players". I understand what Riot is going for but this does nothing to remedy the imbalance that it known as Dynamic Queue. Riot, this part is mainly for you. I'm going to level with you here, I like League Of Legends. I genuinely do care for the game and have enjoyed it throughout my college studies for the past 3 years. This game has created many memories for me but it has also caused much stress, good and bad. I understand that you want people to be social with DQ and to play with friends, but you straight up eliminated the mode that a large segment of players enjoyed. In a way, you took out a competitive layer from one of the most competitive esports in the world. I'm sure you guys and girls have all of this information on players, focus groups and whatnot, but it's clear that the League community is split right now from what I see. Speaking for myself here, I just want a competitive environment where I don't have to worry about being ganged up on by premades every game. Better players usually win lane, but the better TEAM wins the game. A group of 3 misfits and a duo thrown together are no match for a 4 man premade or even worse....5 man. So that's really it, just thought i'd get that out of my system. Riot, I really do feel like you take your player base and community for granted. Yes League is the most popular game in the world, but that does not mean you can straight up ignore a VALID concern within higher level players. We just want the best for the game we love, and the fact that you go out of your way to straight up LIE to us and give us a inherently broken matchmaking system is a slap in the face. Honestly, what was the point of removing solo queue? What sort of hindrance did it prove on the game? I honestly cannot think of any reason why the removal of solo queue was necessary at the time it was taken down. Seems to me like you just want to give players only one way to play League, and that's Riots way. One day players will have enough. It's only a matter of time before your stubborn ways will cause a decline in players. I'm sure Riot has already noticed a dip In LCS viewership as well as overall viewership on twitch (I know I have). TL;DR Riot is not even trying to fix Dynamic Queue. They refuse to listen to player feedback and blatantly ignore player and community concerns. You cannot take the community for granted forever. I just want League to be fair to solo players. A fair matchmaking experience. Is that too much to ask?
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