Twisted Treeline - Funneling

So first of all, i get people dont play 3s much anymore. But why is it that a jungler can come to top and be level 3 when the top cant even reach 2 that fast? This is such a big issue in games. Its not fun to play against, it ruins the fun for everyone on the other team. Its put so many people off playing the map/gamemode again. It literally puts a hypercarry such as {{champion:141}} so damn far ahead. Either completely remove the gamemode or get rid of the likes of this item--> {{item:3302}}. A Jungler shouldnt be able to receive a camp then a free wave top. I feel like the whole support role in Twisted Treeline doesnt make any sense. They literally run around with a jungler and get them so far ahead rendering the other team useless. You literally cant invade a funnel strat due to the fact that they can sit in the bush and stop. I believe to fix this issue the jungle should be made more intricate so that you could possibly invade them and stop them from doing this? Or even such a simple thing as having jungle camps sharing EXP to stop the jungler from getting such a free lead. Someone please sort this out. Im trying to have some fun here and it just isnt happening when this happens. You may think im being salty from this strat, however i'm happy to have a good game and lose. Im not happy about being level 1 vs a level 3 {{champion:141}} with a {{champion:89}} ready to CC me to hell. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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