Keep hitting Cait's Attack Speed

And we'll keep telling you the same thing. **_Its not her attack speed_** Because THIS shit is balanced: Why do we have to play a fucking minigame because a champ says we have to? This is actually ridiculous AND annoying. Tell me how you see absolutely NO problem with this. We have team fight on our team. We can't split up because the enemy team has TWO adcs (because corki was meant to be an adc LOL), so we can't just nonchanlanty walk around their base. We wanna shove the god damn wave into their base and take their last inhib to pressure the 3 lanes. BUT NO. CAITLYN SAYS WE CAN'T. Unless you're so far ahead that you can ignore the traps because whatevs, you can't do much of anything in this situation. We've even seen this SAME bullshit at worlds. Cait stalls games long enough for teams to catch up as long as the rest of the team aren't utter retards. This isn't FUN. This isn't BALANCED. Stop pussy footing and hit the problems. Because it **_is_** a problem. Its not that I don't appreciate what you're doing, I do. There's lots of champs with wave clear etc that makes it difficult to siege. But when you add wave **on top** of this bullshit, that's when it really escalates the problem. I don't wanna sound like the millions of other people saying the same thing, but it just needs to keep being repeated because you guys are defending this overly obnoxious plays style. It's NOT FUN to play against.
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