Coming Galio Nerfs

As Meddler said(I think it was him), Galio will be looking to get some nerfs. Hopefully they don't overnerf him, and hopefully come to the same conclusion. After losing A LOT to Galio, I then decided to pick him up and figure him out. I've pretty much pinned down what the deal is. The Q. If anything that needs to be nerfed, it's the Q. YES, they said his wave clear is something that unique and special about him. BUT it needs the Base damage nerfed, and in return give it more scalings (so people can still play AP/Bruiser Galio). BUT! It needs to be the point where even in proplay you CAN'T do that triple dorans crap and permashove mindlessly. They NEED to invest into AP like RoA or something to be able to have that kind of pushing power(which inturn delays tankiness which is risky in proplay now). This will probably kick him down to like 4-5th priority cause you NEED to have pushing lanes in this pro meta:so the jg can invade, get vision, apply pressure on the map, etc. Also in regular scrub play, it won't be as oppressive, and opens a bit more counterplay (as there already was, since he gets fucked certain match ups). So now we can have a balanced Galio, and not have him gutted.

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