The game is so trash right now I'm no longer addicted

I don't even remember last time I played, but it was probably almost a month ago. League has never been a game that I could give up for too long. I have been playing since season 2 and every single time I got angry or fed up with it for whatever reason - like getting lose streaks, dropping in rank, not being able to climb, being fed up with toxic people or just getting bored for a while - I would always come back because of the near unlimited variety, the family-community aspect ( which died around season 4 I think ) and because of the competitive, addictive emotional kick that ranked provided. I loved the idea of how it was up to me to get better at the game in order to climb higher and how much was there to learn. However my worries about where the game was heading at the end of s7 came true in preseason, where for the first time in those 7 years of playing I genuinely felt like the game was just trash broken and unfun. They fixed their shit some time after but as of recent it's just been a roll downhill once again, namely the jungle rework combined with ad patch. Right now the game is just a giant, nonsense clusterfuck. I don't think matches have ever been that short before. Tower health? lol. Careful planning and strategy? omegalul. just pick a nuke or something that can proc duskblade, flash in and hope to come out on top. Adc is too strong ? make them effectively unusable. And then nerf supports just in case. Tanks not being able to tank assasins? give them more damage so now they can compete. Nothing can ever be "just fine". Either super good or utter garbage. I hate how league has become a game of "abuse xx until it gets fucked up the ass and then move on to the next thing, then repeat". I'm not even gonna mention what the lanes and picks look like nowadays. And don't get me wrong, I didn't like the season 7 meta either, but one thing that made it better than what we have now is that it required coordination and strategy. I don't even want to play the game anymore, I've started to grow indifferent about it. For the first time in a long while I enjoy other games more than league and I'm no longer addicted which is a good thing. There is just no incentive to play. A while back I would get a bad ranked streak or shitty teammates, take a day break and come back refreshed and enthusiastic because I knew the game was just and the sunny weather would be back soon. Nowadays it's like : "oh wow I'm winning a game, enemy is getting so trashed they can barely leave their base and we took their tower at 4 min. FF 15 incoming, boi I can't wait till I'm gonna have the same thing happen to me in one or two games". It's just sad and disappointing to see into what League has started to turn
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