Why I'm Quitting League of Legends, A Rant About Change

So while it's pretty obvious that Riot likes changing this game in an effort to prevent things from going stale, they either refuse to provide changes the community wants or outright ignore our protests to changes being worked into the game. I mean, honestly, it's been years, they still won't put an animation in the client to let us know when we've been dropped. It's not an easy game, and nor is it meant to be. For a long time, I liked the challenge associated with this game, and the success I felt at accomplishing things within it. But lately, it's no longer challenging. I either stomp or get stomped, due to a mix of recent changes to the gameplay elements (dragons, death timers, etc.) and the ever-devious matchmaking system, which makes every effort to make sure that I have to work to advance, even if that means making sure one of my teammates will feed and/or afk. Other games match you relative to your skill level, this game changes based on how well you're doing. So get a few good games going, then get instantly screwed by the teemo that won't even lane. It doesn't help that Riot, which was perfectly fine, sold out to a company known for draining games dry and moving on. And I'm not the only person who feels this way. More than half of my friends list has been cleared due to people leaving this game, a game they spent a lot of money and time on, because they realize it's never going to be a community game again. We no longer have any say in tribunal judgments, champion concepts, or even basic gameplay balance. Don't get me wrong, the game was never at our behest, but it at least felt like it was made for us. Now it's being made to screw us over. Look everywhere, you'll find numerous posts like mine, and Riot won't respond to a single one, because they are either unwilling to justify their choices or unable to do so. There's a massive gap in free to play moba's that League left behind, and I at least hope every other company trying to fill it does not repeat Riot's mistakes. TL;DR: Riot has had years to change, and with every passing one, they don't just repeat their mistakes, they make brand new ones.

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