Kog has been silly since Riot moved his IAS from Q to W

Then replaced the free attack speed with extra flat OnHit damage. I feel inclined to reiterate that Kog's *whole fanbase* was saying that shoveling all of his power into W was a *terrible idea* and as soon as the patch went live and it became clear Kog was *destroying everything* his players were crying out with one voice to revert the change. Riot, as is oft the case when they have a terrible idea, doubled down on it and made things worse. So here's what I suggest. Roll Kog back to where he was post hotfix-buff in the preseason and start over again. It should be obvious by now that Riot has been going down the wrong path with their changes to Kog and something needs to be done to remedy that. He *must* have some amount of his power tied up in Q to prevent his early game from being so overwhelming. Having that much power tied up in one ability is just *awful* design.
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