As a jungle main I instantly mute everyone on my team.

It doesn't matter how well you are doing or how well the team is doing. Every single game there is always someone flaming their jungler. I have legit had games where we are just hard stomping. I will have completing removed their jungler from the game through counter ganks and invades, taken every objective on the map and have snowballed both bot and mid lane. So because I have been pretty busy I haven't spend much time ganking top( not exclusive to top) who constantly dies 1v1 but keeps trying to duel. Then the flame begins. Hell even if the top lane isn't doing that bad and only has like 2 deaths, but their struggling a bit or in an annoying lane they still will flame. Doesn't matter if the score is 25-3 you still get flamed. Why does everyone in this game have this mentality where their lane is the only one in the game. If you are struggling but your team is stomping then PLAY AROUND THEM. Don't start flaming your jungler who has 80% kill participation and every obj. Like Jesus Christ. It is so beyond tilting for me that I have to just mute everyone every game.
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