Unpopular Opinion: Adellaideskyhart shouldn't be banned, nor should he be punished at all.

Riot Games Threatens To Perma Ban Highest Mastery Points Singed (League of Legends)
Riot Games says they will perma ban Highest Mastery Points Singed, AdellaideSkyhart if he continues to play Support Smite Singed due to it negatively effected his team mates. He has been reported a number of times because of his non-meta playstyle. Do you think he deserves to be perma banned or even constantly suspended?
From Riot's Acceptable Behavior page: https://s21.postimg.org/cmum9olwn/Untitled.png The rest of the argument is in the video I've linked. In a nutshell, don't ban someone for not sticking to the meta. What alternative has Riot given for someone who wishes to play like this? None. Punishing him is wrong and shows the exact reason why so many people have been leaving this game.

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