This "go next" mentality is REALLY getting out of hand

I know this is an unpopular opinion on these boards because of the amount of posts I see like "make early surrender votes pass if it's 4/1" and whatnot, but I believe that this defeatist surrender mentality has gone too far. I recently played a game where the enemy mid laner disconnected in the middle of the match. Instead of trying to win and playing it out, 3 of our teammates typed "open mid" or "go next" and started trolling despite the fact that one of our carries was fed and doing extremely well. So in the end we wound up losing a 5v4 despite 1 of the players who was initially trolling playing seriously. Look, I get it. Playing poorly sucks. However, you don't queue up for ranked to have $ick lc$ plays and hard carry your team, you queue to win the game and climb the ladder. So just because you think it isn't winnable doesn't mean that it actually isn't winnable, there still may be some win condition one of your teammate sees that you can't. So instead of trolling because your team won't surrender, play it out until the end, don't throw a hissy fit because you didn't get your way. It's the worst it has ever been and it's probably because of streamers like Tyler1 who frequently say "gg go next" after the first death of the game. Despite that he winds up winning a decent amount of those games. If players can't abuse those leads that you think are insurmountable at his elo, do you really think players at your elo can abuse them? People throw all the time. TL;DR- Don't start trolling because you want to ff, then don't start trolling because the vote failed. Stick it out, play to win.
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