MR item that builds out of Bami's Cinder?

There's very few HP MR items for **tanks** only really {{item:3065}} and {{item:3194}} and in my opinion these are pretty situational items ( **keep reading this leads somewhere** ) {{item:3065}} is really good on tanks that can heal like {{champion:57}} or {{champion:75}} but not tanks {{champion:78}} or {{champion:3}} because of the 30% increased healing {{item:3194}} is good against champions like {{champion:63}} or {{champion:69}} but not {{champion:7}} or {{champion:76}} because of the subsequent magic damage reduction So what if there was a MR item that build out of {{item:3751}} the build path could go like {{item:1057}} {{item:1028}} {{item:3751}} very similar to {{item:3068}} I always feel if im playing a tank like {{champion:78}} or {{champion:98}} and cant utilize the passive from {{item:3065}} or if im only going up against bursty mages i cant utilize the passive from {{item:3194}} I mean i still get the stats and the MR but it feels so bad to be wasting passives like that {{item:3065}} you still kind of utilize the passive since it also increases you're base health regen but there's a reason the item is so good on a champion like {{champion:57}} or {{champion:19}} because something part of their kit lets them heal but not someone like {{champion:98}} let me know what you guys think this idea came up around like 10AM with no sleep but i honestly dont think it would be a bad addition give tanks a little more variety when dealing with AP champions

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