Kindred QOL buff

EDIT: Couldn't think of a better wording to use other than "buff". This won't affect her damage or her performance besides adding easier communication for Kindred players. Recently been playing kindred a bit, but there's something that I think would be of benefit that could easily be implemented is the following: _**Let kindred alt-click her passive to send a team message about who her target is.**_ This would be very helpful for helping either focusing certain people down in a teamfight or easier coordination for ganks. Personally, the sigil that appears above people's heads if they're targeted isn't really easy to see, and think that this could really help improve coordination in matches for who kindred needs to get an assist on to complete another hunt. I know that this isn't the mode everything is balanced around, but this would be of great use especially in ARAM where teamfights are constant and you might be coming back from base while your team's about ready to dive that 50% viktor and you wanna tell them to wait for you before they do. It would be much faster to be able to ping her passive and send a quick team message like "Kindred Mark of the Kindred target: Taric" or "Kindred Mark of the Kindred target: not chosen" or "Kindred Mark of the Kindred- (cooldown remaining)" instead of typing it out.
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