Hey riot if you keep sugar coating nerfs the game will NEVER be enjoyable.

Downvotes are actually upvotes keep it up champs! Note: go ahead and downvote me you are the ones destroying the game and that means downvotes are actually upvotes because you think this hurts your adcs that you main. Like we said not everyone mains adc's or cares about champs that only get buffed and have very outdated balancing. Not everyone mains Adc's, not everyone mains lucian as well. And a lot of people don't care or welcome a good lucian wide nerf and some don't like it but thats part of business cause in the long run a lot more people would hold their hats and buy skins for a game they like that happens to be balanced and fun than a game that is always nerfing zed and yasuo while some champs remain able to 1vs3 easily but you nerf their utility or something they don't even care about like your trying to protect the irelia mains or something. Stop caring about how players will feel, irelia is obviously needing the marks removed and some more counterplay. those irelia marks are too much for a mobility based hyper carry tank to have access to. just look at all the adcs, nerf irelia, lucian ult and make his passive have a static cooldown because even master yi needs 4 auto attacks to use that kind of aa reset. say miss fortunes movement speed increase is unnecessary, the critical bounce Q needs tuning down and her ultimate needs to do less damage if they turn away from her/or needs a significantly lower damage. She needs to stop getting lethality and get real adc stuff. Ezreal needs some toning down of his q cooldown and cd refresh. vayne needs to have her wierd w looked at that apparently erases 14%/28% guinsoos of your max hp every 3 hits(Yi's passive is bad compared to this and e too combined) and she also has insanely wierd constant stealthing and her e can knock you back too great a distance but it also stunned. on top of all this she moves faster towards enemies. very overloaded. Kai sa is fine but she needs more incentive to build AD because she goes zhonyas hour glass and does a lot of damage still from 2000 range....... Tristana needs double the e stacks for its damage explode and its damage halved accross double e stacks. for example now she E's then aa aa aa then boom. My suggestion is it goes E aa aa aa aa aa aa then boom but each doing 1/6 of damage from 1/3. Her ultimate needs to change to scale on AD and not do magic damage also it needs to not knock back enemies but reveal them or something utility. her w is a free flash and it damages you could make it have more mana cost and have less range but grant her lifesteal upon landing or something. her q too much attack speed. Yea just look at the adcs other roles and classes seem wayyyy more balanced then adc's not saying they are broken saying you never nerf any non pro adc's. apparently you buffed draven recently????? So this is a problem with "outdated balancing" you either buff adcs or just do nothing with them when the truth is they could use a wide change. just look at ashes splash and abilites look new to you??? Stop dick riding Adc mains and giving ice cream to burst mages and nerf them for once. why you had no effort to literally remove devourer, weaken guinsoos, weaken smite and itemization which is weakening Yi's true strengths but you nerf some 'poke ability' on lucian for 10 damage. please no more sick jokes. {{sticker:draven-pose}}
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