zhonyas isn´t too overstated????

i cant inderstand how a person that goes zhonyas into bashee can one shot pretty much anyone, those arent supossed to be defensive items?? how is fair that banshee turns 450g into 60 MR? every other class is forced to go negatron that builds into garbage or specters what its fucking useless for a 1200g item. i mean ap characters make the game so annoying ; so much resistances so much damage so much utility so much cdr so much everything its like man... i dont even know why to pick anything else, just chose a mage... the best are those that also can go into ad items for some reason, neeko, le blanc, teemo and of course kaisa not a surprice the best adc is the one that turns into a one shot sustain damage tank. ap characters man the only ones allowed to have fun playing this crazy broken game

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