Morgana nerfs Here we are again. This shit is going to keep coming up because Morgana is not allowed to be a decent champion by Riot games. You can leave broken shit like Vayne in the game for half a season, but Morgana is strong for a little over a month and you have to shut that shit down immediately. I could go into a billion reasons why the balance team doesn't have a clue what they're doing, but there's no point. Every single person who plays this game knows they're incompetent and it's beating a dead horse. Anyway, here I am with some common sense for you. If Morgana has had +/- 50% win rate for almost 10 years how about we just revert her rework minus the visual upgrades? She didn't need buffs to begin with but you guys just can't stop touching and breaking things. Truthfully these buffs to her weren't worth much: * The movement speed buff to her makes her ult almost usable. You know, minus the fact she dies instantly without hour glass and you can still easily get out of it as any champion with flash or a dash. It's pretty cool at level 16 I guess, but most games are decided well before that point. * The W buff lets her kill steal people easier and then lose the game because she took gold away from actual carries. Oh, and she can almost push a creep wave as fast as other mages. Almost. Her wave clear is only worse than Talon, Ekko, Karthus, Lux, Xerath, Velkoz, Malzahar, Twisted Fate, Anivia, and any champion with tiamat. Almost as good. * Despite these buffs she still has very little agency. She isn't a 1v9 champion. She's not going to pull your team back from the brink. She's a winning-catalyst. If you're ahead she's good at keeping you ahead. If you're behind you just lose. It's hard for me seriously consider her overpowered when compared to the agency of other champions. Have you guys seen Riven? Before her rework I had a 60% win rate. After her rework I had a 60% win rate as her. I've played about 300 games as her this season. If these buffs were truly substantial shouldn't I see a win rate increase? The only thing I really notice about this update is that she is banned all the fucking time now because you put her in the spotlight with the rework. I'm beginning to digress here. Just revert the buffs that she didn't need in the first place so we can move onto more important matters like nerfing vayne and riven. By the way, I notice they're not mentioned. Sad.
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